• A Bullet For The Child

    Seems so everyday, that I turn my TV on of late
    Such as it is we live in a world, that can’t tolerate
    Another victim, and a cause of nothing but hate
    Mother cries as her husband is missing, to his fate... more »

  • A Candle To A Cause

    I am chasing the cause, of being the way of many
    No matter the complexities, or sense of autonomy
    But to yield one hand of understanding, to a few
    Would endeavour the soul, to find my heart true... more »

  • A Darker Kiss

    Bathed her wrists as the haemorrhaging sought the freedom
    As her arched repent body finalised her dark disgrace to cum
    Into her sullen frame unbeknown to the poisons in her veins
    For that the letters of the scars of stories in many such pains... more »

  • A Final Step

    Stood upon this cliff, to be set free
    As this flow of my tears, trace me
    Down my face, and across my lips
    That once tasted you, in blood sips... more »

  • A Fingerprint In Space

    Dance, keep the dance of mitigating stereological fascinations
    Adorned in condoning of the ever science in such explanations
    Far too fantastic yet perhaps in the truth if be not so rhetoric
    For the disregarding of a simple illusion for digging a trick... more »

  • A God Like Me

    Turning this way or that, down a grey street, void of people
    Shaking this out of myself, a rumbling for the ranting steeple
    That is the height of my apostle, a solitary preceptor of this
    Seems like fate is always, and is forever, taking the unlimited piss... more »

  • A Gothic Suicide

    Felt all that was within, the dread and lonely pain
    Fore seeing all the grey clouds, and endless rain
    In an entrapment of her bleak, bedroom place
    Many scratches of finger nails, adorned her face... more »

  • A Graveyard Of Regrets

    This story told a thousand times in many such ways
    Doesn’t mean languages change in so many days
    That tenderness as elusive as the answers we seek
    When forgetting the question that of the meek... more »

  • A Motion In Suicide

    On the choice of living and finding some resolution
    Hands worn hard by the labours of a daily conclusion
    Stood on the edge and looking down at the impends
    Wondering how this will feel when my body descends... more »

  • A New Order Rises

    This damned determination as my rebellion is strong
    I can crush you with this voice without fist or spear
    No more can I induce of your lies and deceit
    The flames of hell are turning now under the new bidding... more »

  • A Scream Within The Tunnel (Trapped)

    Awoken in the blackness, and the stink of putrescence
    I remember absolutely nothing, I am the only presence
    So dark and I am blind, to my slimy surrounds so tight
    I can barely move, within this confined space of night... more »

  • A Simple Mistake

    Perhaps sometimes reminders of being a human render
    When the soul bleeds forgetting a heart needs to beat
    To pursue these passions faster than I can be a contender
    But I would rather be broken than to admit the defeat... more »

  • A Simple Perspective

    I am nearly 30, I remember mobiles that couldn't send texts, email had never been heard of, CD ROM hadn't been invented yet, my first computer couldn't log on to the internet because it didn't exist then and TV had only 4 channels, the only way to stay in touch was by a hand written letter and yeah I really miss that.... more »

  • A Soul For The Universe

    As the politicians’ squabble the beggar man receives no coin
    But reserve oneself the best cut of some rarest choicest loin
    As many starve within the pool of tears so now hurriedly shed
    Please sir spare the universe so one may hear their voices led... more »

  • A Soul Still Weeps

    Sunken to the darkness of where eyes once sought
    From this silent skeletal face the tears still wrought
    To my hands to which one shall quench a notion
    Of a thirst for bloody embrace all that is emotion... more »

  • A Summer Closes

    So many voices congeal into a single sized memory
    Fathomed only in so many pieces of moments glory
    Of when I laughed and when I shed so many tears
    When time was lost and time seemed to shift gears... more »

  • Acsending Angels

    Anointed for the crusade of umbilical reasoning
    For the milk of mothering yields within nurturing
    Open eyed upon premiere days of virginal dawning
    Absorbance of energetic and unselfish lightning... more »

  • Adult Youth

    Mind reverts to a secondary impulse, of a time of the past
    Back to a moment in life, when everything seemed to last
    Forever and then before, we all become so set in our ways
    Can’t even remember what age I was, back in those days... more »

  • Afraid To Dream

    Caught here in the isolation chamber located between
    The borderland of awake and desired unconsciousness
    As though the bilateral entwined exploration of thought
    Has abandoned me to a journey to a sleep of the hopeless... more »

  • Against A White Sky

    Happy I just came to the end, of my golden ale
    Recalling a few, obligatory motions to set sail
    Week ahead and a new structure, now in place
    So much of a voice unspoken, for an aging face... more »

  • Always

    Mind draws my thoughts to a persistent emotion
    A time in a place not so long gone in augmentation
    That still plays the chords to encourage my tears
    And in this constant re-elevation of all my fears... more »

  • An Angel In Chains

    Another stranger woken up in yet another bedroom
    That wasn't her own nor does she recall the room
    Looks around at the scattered clothes and the man
    Still asleep with no romance here in this plan... more »

  • An Angels Crossing

    Tread upon the soils, of mans unspoilt future
    Wondering unto a curiosity, of a new picture
    A frame work, of mankind that attracts the meek
    Scared to be regarded of anything less, than a freak... more »

  • An Obligatory Autumn

    Crushed leaves tempered, under my step, on the road of mystery
    Drying vain of autumns passing, bring fall to textures beneath me
    Candles align the corridor, of the indecisive, a chamber of fates mind
    Options played, before me and the second hand dealt, in favoured kind... more »

  • An Unspoken Anthlogy Of Touching Space

    As miniscule elaboration of a single moment in this time
    That encapsulates the significance of a life to the sublime
    Though hindered by what we endeavour to be as so similar
    To all that’s surrounding us in the darkness of hidden lunar... more »