• Newborn Nations From The Oldest Of Dreams

    I can feel the pulse and hearts of almost every nation
    Much sadness forcing tears so to the eyes perception
    Such emotions going to waste when all we do is hate
    Have you exhaled the breath of gods to so undulate?... more »

  • Ninety Nine Point Nine Percent

    Back to the world, against a tree as the sun bakes my face
    So entwined in amongst life’s great sugar, and silver lace
    Digging deeper to open this up, afraid to get so entangled
    And there’s a pressure that feels like, I am being strangled... more »

  • No Tears When I Need Them

    So much considered and never felt in tongue
    Too damned confident in pride for so long
    Are my words from mind or heart I don’t know
    Not sure if I should just sit here or else go... more »

  • None For A Title

    Lost are these words when the world turns to silence
    Before long the aching of the heart speaks of penitence
    That I have sunk ten thousands ships from my tears
    Sunk down to the blackness; all I see, for all of fears... more »

  • Nourished In Blood

    These halls wide and so echoing of cries from the unseen
    Almost operatic verses singing from somewhere to redeem
    Senses of time forgotten in the dark of this unhallowed place
    Velvet upon velvet skin glides forth to a throne of his grace... more »

  • Nuclear

    Step and tread and be, within a world of disintegration
    To fathom the politicians, that led us to this devastation
    Far be this, the future now, of a battered planet of black
    Destroyed unto the very existence, of mankind’s stack... more »

  • Occasional Angels

    Water in eyes never explain when words are lost
    That too much of an emotion preach to human cost
    A stammer and falter in conditions leading nowhere
    So much so these breaths are lost in the stifling air... more »

  • Ocd

    Awoke screaming as the agony has found me again
    Rapture through my veins and coursing raged pain
    My own skin the acid of my torment from within
    Sweat brings no cool to the burning of needles pin... more »

  • Oceans Dance

    Poignancy of perception for sea beams dance in glitter
    Upon waves of soothing calm in dusks lasts deliverer
    Of light before reduction of sun lights daytime grip
    Cooling air and the senses dwell upon a new cut trip... more »

  • Of Immortal Tears

    I have no encompassing dealership with emotions of these
    So much of the distractions self built to attempt to appease
    Hearing your longing tonality haunting my heard envisage
    Forever in the depths of this cordial and unfelt idealistic age... more »

  • On The Other Side Waiting

    For my passing is concluded, and I rise to my environment
    For the black that surrounds me, and eyes try to augment
    My body now dead, still the shell left behind of this place
    For not a voice upon a windless air, as is the still of grace... more »

  • One Damn Good Friend

    Please don’t assume I don’t know, I’ve seen that look before
    Been to a few places in my time, I swear your fighting a war
    So put down your guns down, and raise up your heart instead
    It’s just not our style to keep this going, for what she said... more »

  • One Moment, One Time, One Thousand Million Voices

    Purest transcending essence to submerge
    Assimilate the pausing on the ethereal verge
    To hold in a singular entirety of a moment
    That but a second so imaginations augment... more »

  • One Thousand Angels

    Swept away the words of your evisceration
    And sought a new sense of comprehension
    If the shores of hell left me so unconscious
    Awaken to the red of my eyes’ autonomous... more »

  • Or The World My Stage

    In an accomplishment, of a complex free thought
    And the anonymous imageries, that it so brought
    Sitting like a little child, in the biggest ever theatre
    I’m the only spectator, watching the world forever... more »

  • Overtones Of Eventuality

    Surviving from the false plasma, of a souls daily criteria
    Seemingly tasked to co-exist, along with unrelenting fear
    Of never finding myself again, in the coil of complexities
    Seems I was existing outside, the glass of transparencies... more »

  • Paradise Lost

    How much this world now seemingly an indecipherable enigma
    From stories of our lives once born to state of affairs’ nirvana
    Sung upon winds of time that learned minds do so temper
    Where be the tenderness I knew, a little boy as histories offender... more »

  • Paranoid

    This itching starts and nails remove skin
    I watch the blood like little streams within
    Pouring the many agonies across my body
    Sunken eyes ache for heroin’s democracy... more »

  • Passion And Fury

    An oil so as a blood enflaming to my veins
    Already on fire when nothing’s made to gains
    Touch the hand and feel the heat within a soul
    A raging sun burns only the pale so un-whole... more »

  • Perpetual Thoughts

    Breeze feeds through the air to my face
    As eyes contemplate the vision of grace
    Beyond where the horizon is of eternity
    As the sky lines meet the ocean’s infinity... more »

  • Phoenix Friendship

    Something’s occurring in a way that’s meant to be
    Price found; in every demise, even when you’re free
    A chorus of events, replayed over and over again
    Sapping the strength, when trying to fight the pain... more »

  • Pleasure To Death

    Sever that very means, to which I so breathe
    In a blood lust damnations, scorn to relieve
    Reach up and tear vessels, a soul unbound
    Make me feel what it is, to die without sound... more »

  • Pleasures In My Attic

    Wondering convictions, gestures unfading curiosities
    Of a sound undefined, coming from darkest atrocities
    Somewhere within realms, of secret pleasures and pain
    Little toy demons spawn, to serve the masters distain... more »

  • Poet

    Stirred with emotion, a creative thought, an architecture for reason
    Elaborations found, in the most unique and abstract form of freedom
    Everything at once, to fathom a common denominated, perspective
    Passionate with the embrace of language, formed, only in a want to live... more »

  • Poet Without Words

    An emptiness so vast an encyclopaedia answers no query as many are confiscated
    Via the coursing realms of confusions that lay still but wake so complicated
    I sense the sea's air relinquish my faith in breathing for life so agitated
    I am clothed in my defence against the wind but my thoughts alone are naked... more »