• Poltergiest

    Chilling is the touch of this air, where forth the spirit treads
    Damnation and sacrosanct, defiled from this bleakest dread
    Rise from this accumulation, of the two worlds in energy, collide
    For a sensation of the coldest hand, on shoulder doth fear slide... more »

  • Powder Hands

    How did I come to the point of this place?
    Silenced with no expression upon my face
    Only the lines of so many forgotten tears
    When my life bore so many hurtful fears... more »

  • Prayer For The Hatred

    Fuel to an aggression in bloods symphony of chaos
    Yield to no one to slugger the Louisville to the face of loss
    Or the bleeding fractures to choke the smile of vengeance
    When all is forgotten in emotions highlights of consequence... more »

  • Preludes To Broken Sunsets

    An embrace draws the tears in such autonomous grips
    Of emotions spent and forward spoken in apparent trips
    As a seeker of forever the conclusion without answers
    Finds the soils before sands of fertilities in such fears... more »

  • Prescription America

    Corporate conflagration in keeping of a populous so comatose
    Wellcome in Smithkline it’s just in time for yet another dose
    Unbridled treacle of fortune found from your personal ailment
    Why bother a cure when exploiting the credence’s claimant... more »

  • Psychopath

    Shadows, shadows that do speak, to my domain
    A point of clarity, seeking toward a mutual gain
    As I stroke the stone, across the gleaming blade
    Of so many faces that, always, seemingly invade... more »

  • Psychopath 2 - Deliverance

    I remain in the dwell of the fear of the unidentified
    An embodiment of the hungry and the never pacified
    Starved of the luxury and donation of your frame
    The boredom of your salvation in this irreconcilable game... more »

  • Pulse Touch

    A word so deep into the maelstrom, of conclusions
    Unsought in the chaos of the increasing, obligations
    Of the life and its surroundings, played by everyone
    Resting my head back to fall, into sleep so undone... more »

  • Rain

    Pouring the heavens tears into my eyes wide open
    Pass through me with spirits of conscious meridian
    Let the clouds burst upon me and sweep away pain
    Refresh the soul steal the bitterness and feed all grain... more »

  • Reality Of Eventuality Of A County Not Far Away

    Finally saw the day start with the rays of a sun I had missed
    Perhaps maybe to be confident in something I had dismissed
    So many places seen and people come and go in pathways
    Of life’s general voyage in a timeless of here’s and anyways... more »

  • Rebellion

    Is there not the richest of blood of victims’ soil?
    So to nourish crops of corruptions’ mortal coil
    Pass the air to now breathe ever the stereotypical
    I call it a war but they say it’s so very practical... more »

  • Rebirth Me

    I can’t take these feelings anymore inside
    So much I want to say yet I have to hide
    Seems the ones I love have an answer to hate
    And deny any chance for me to congregate... more »

  • Recourse Due Course

    Walked into this now empty room and sat down backwards
    On a chair as only thing left in this place and look towards
    A future not yet set, though so clear now in my perceptions
    Sun beams float illuminating the dust unsettled in vibrations... more »

  • Red Building Of Brick

    Looming over me like a monster of such darkness
    Its domain concealed in denial and mysteriousness
    Eerie building like a factory so silent in its wake
    I stand so external of its walls and products to make... more »

  • Red Line Angel

    She’s going be a red line angel
    Screaming in the forest when no ones around
    She’s going be a red line angel
    Soon to be a milk carton photo never to be found... more »

  • Reflections Of This

    Not sure of which way to look, to avoid this
    The mind eyes that can’t be closed, like a cist
    That’s stuck in my head, as is the image of you
    Drifting thoughts to parable, to something true... more »

  • Remember

    As the tears are rolling, down my face
    Look back to the time, of another race
    Of a humanity so based, on principles
    And time has gone, with the disciples... more »

  • Resonation

    A familiar chord strikes from memories abound in personal history
    Leading to the awakening communication of heart, soul and mentality
    Surging in sudden enlightenments’ before a day starts in summers haze
    Acknowledged and reawakened to a place when life made sense beyond the phase... more »

  • Revenge

    How this pleasure and cynical smile, etches across my expression
    The luxury of your torture, that brings ones heightened, satisfaction
    To a new level of distain, upon the brow of the weakened victim
    My victim, my toy, of indulgence, that I reap the unforgettable sin... more »

  • Rider (Gasoline Scream)

    Takes no difference on the vibration of this machine
    Bred and born for joy of the gasoline scream

    Forgetting it all when the road turns like my life today... more »

  • Rise

    Half an hour from your door, and I am missing you already
    Hidden tears struggle, with a defence to keep myself steady
    Still feels like a relativity in time, since I’d first kissed you
    Before I looked into your grey eyes, with a hint of pale blue... more »

  • Rise Above

    Atop of the conversing paradox, for nothing
    So much in verbal complications, for something
    Many words, too little of a successful acronym
    Much left unspoken, as true feelings kept within... more »

  • River Of Conscious Embrace

    Flows from within me in torrents in white horses rage
    Engaged me via an intraocular distinction of a new age
    For all of perceptions dive deeper into fathoming love
    Yet this breathing in waves crashing over me as a glove... more »

  • Running To You

    Saw this point, to where I know I belong
    And never known sensations, so strong
    Until your face, was in my minds eye
    And I felt this love, without asking why... more »

  • Rush

    So many cars and so much stress rushing by
    As I now sit here alone and drifting on why
    Expressions forces to tears to my eyes somehow
    That partiality escapes and never seems to allow... more »