• Screaming

    Blinding light, of so many comprehensions
    Choked by the rush, of unfamiliar intrusions
    Into a mind already weakened, and so sore
    Reaching deep, into a place of my very core... more »

  • Sediment

    Drifting yet captured, by the powers that be
    Unsettled and yet ok moving, to be so free
    Like the youngest eyes, in amongst children
    Emotion caught in the brain, by sight or pen... more »

  • Seduction Of The Devil

    Grind and dancing, with the Devil in a blindfold
    Letting her be seduced, and letting him take hold
    Many surrounds, of the many masked spectators
    Magic in its working, amongst the black conjurers... more »

  • Seed To A Second Earth

    If peace was a lonely sailor would it sail our oceans?
    Or flight to space to escape the sound of suffering?
    Upon the wave of the tears of many thousands more
    Until that blackness of space be for the new shore... more »

  • Seek

    Ever seen an innocent picture that brought you, to your knees?
    Ever felt you could reach out somehow, and calm the seas?
    If you could catch all the tears that ever fell, from your eyes
    Gripping them in fists of power, under bleak thunderous skies... more »

  • Setting Angels On Fire

    All so very consumed, by what comes so easily
    Superlative, yet we walk by always apathetically
    A useless frontier scarred, but remaining sacred
    As though this is what we have left, that’s dead... more »

  • She Turned Me

    Tasting her crimson lips of mine blood, she stole and changed me within
    Waking in her arms a new dawn, while scenting the new air and jasmine
    Falling from me now, were the memories of a lesser life before this
    Opening my eyes to a version of oneself, approaching an ethereal bliss... more »

  • Silent Street

    Is this a dream I am having, as I leave my garden gate?
    Unaware of time of day, but I am sure that this isn’t late
    To witness a place so soundless, and void of the living
    Though not even a family, or a young child out playing... more »

  • Silently Crazy

    Sitting in a dark bar, just like another that there is
    Amongst commotions, I sit alone amongst the fizz
    When someone to the left, catches my green eye
    A feminine distraction, to distract any clever spy... more »

  • Singular Freedom Key Yonder Self Incarceration

    If fire breathed voice for the tender tips of fingers felt in an articulated void
    Is not that of contaminants to conjure solitary thoughts needlessly employed
    To yield the unfathomed beyond common processes of annulled rhythms
    But subjected the way of common bonding in articulated unedited trims... more »

  • Skin Deep

    I can feel it breathing; I can hear it simmering inside
    Not yet even touching, what this is for me to ever hide
    The perversions of death, and deliverance to confide
    Yet I so yearn for the one, to have me tested and tried... more »

  • Snow

    So much of such eventualities, are caught in time
    As so many ways of realities lost, feels like a crime
    Considerations flanked, to passing of superficiality
    All so polite until we all get to know, a personality... more »

  • So Broken

    Throwing the sands up to the heavens
    Unknowing of why and what I’ve done
    From the Holy Ghost, the father, the son
    All that is shattered and has come undone... more »

  • So Far To Fall And Still Falling

    Cried so many tears, that I bleed from my eyes
    Can’t break this cycle of agony, that I despise
    Beating it down hard, until my fists are bruised
    Obligated by these emotions; I am so confused... more »

  • So Hard To Breath

    Drifting mind makes way, for nothing
    As I am locked dwelling, on something
    Something I miss and I loved so dear
    Now all I am left with, is so much fear... more »

  • So I Am Arrogant?

    Spinning me around again and I am falling away
    Just how many faces do I make within the day?
    I am now here just for all of you people to see
    Seems like today as yet another begotten plea... more »

  • So Many Clowns

    Caught so within, the grey haze of the daily humour
    So many circles spun, within another’s demeanour
    Undress your face paints, to reveal the solemn truth
    Like an imperfection found, from every photo booth... more »

  • So Much Taken

    Beneath the elusive comfort, so words escape me
    What is most likely unspoken, is still for all to see
    As it’s written upon my face, so tired and so unfelt
    Enwrapped within myself, as control starts to melt... more »

  • So Pointless With So Worthless Without

    Down in this pit, of your eternal despair
    Making me gag and choke, for the free air
    Looking at the midday sun, as it so passes
    Only light of day, before sunset molasses... more »

  • Social Ambiguity

    What is it in us, to make our world fall down?
    Counting your sheep, beneath a pale frown
    So you have this desire, but no where to play
    Such as we are bred, until we find another way... more »

  • Society

    Intricate entanglements of inconsiderate thoughts congealed to newest confusions
    Too elaborate to fathom convalescent values of a lost stranger’s attrition
    Behind bloodied grazed knees and forgotten pleas, lost to a world to be saved
    Only the salvaged rubble of the journeys so ill navigated and unpaved... more »

  • Socratic Constellation Of Emptiness

    Can we seek eventual understanding of where such comprehension fades?
    Before memories rust and the thoughts of passing events corrode in shades
    To corners of the darkest reaches of our space unseen and yet unexplored
    This frustration burns in me like St Elmo’s fire in eyes not so yet adored... more »

  • Soldier

    As my legs are weaker, under this weight of my heavy mind
    Seemingly evoked by the endless struggle, so bitter and unkind
    I write this to you as now, I dream every night for your embrace
    Loving memories are so distant; we’re bound by a lover’s lace... more »

  • Some Kind Of Suicide

    Lying on the tracks, awaiting the train of persecutions
    To rage its fury across, my body of secret elevations
    Eyes open to a red sky, which in fact is blood yearning
    To my perceptions in passions, melting and uncovering... more »

  • Something Somewhere Somehow Someday

    Living to the dream under the vial of something fantastic
    Lost in my mind somewhere undesignated but simplistic
    Reaching to a point of reasoning, so somehow I’m fine
    As someday I know now this will all make sense in time... more »