• Space Travelling Locomotive Of Chromosomes

    I am sat on a train with the yielding thoughts brought to a new surrender
    When tears augment suspiciously as a liquid exhaust in all its splendour
    In a cognitive concentration so powerful that I raise my level beyond sight
    That I have a music note slowly unlocking in my head which I will set free... more »

  • Spellbound And Awoken

    Descending from clouds, of these blood red skies
    Transfixing a look upon me, with bright white eyes
    Enticing my soul to be beckoned, within her arms
    Encapsulating me, pulling at me, bewitch by charms... more »

  • Spiritus De Sante

    As I, myself, so descends as water from the rose
    For my time now, to end as the darkness grows
    Reflections of many images, still into one state
    To greet me upon my final hour, of certain fate... more »

  • Stay

    See you fading away and the dark consumes
    Too much upon one mind and all that assumes
    All I wanted to touch you and know it’s real
    And encapsulate this emotion that I now feel... more »

  • Stolen

    Tic Toc
    Drip Drop
    Tic Toc
    Drip Drop... more »

  • Stone Face

    Came here today and the skies were grey
    Sorry I arrived so late I got held up today
    At least I remembered the note for to say
    Every word I never got a chance in a way... more »

  • Stop Saving Me

    It’s been so many years and so many unbound fears
    Never stopped thinking you’d be there almost anywhere

    A tragedy of what must come and I must tell someone... more »

  • Stopped Crying

    It’s easy to assume in this ever lasting life
    Between love, the loss and sometimes strife
    Never give your soul to something
    That will never give it back... more »

  • Street

    Yea I’m well aware at what time it is my friend
    Said the commentary from body to mind to fend
    Sat here on the corner of a pavement at late night
    Saw a car go by and a saw a window turn on a light... more »

  • Subjected

    Tap, tap, tap, does this complacency of timeless din
    For it’s all so beautiful then, until I seek it so within
    As many an aggravation, draws this sinister thing out
    Toward a living world, of unsuspecting mortal spout... more »

  • Sunsets And Cornfields

    Sat with my back to the wood on this slowest moving train
    Witnessing the sunset over the corn field horizon and I strain
    To envisage the place where I am to go to next so soon
    When enough has been learnt of one destinations swoon... more »

  • Surrounded By Demons (Let Me Out)

    No sure why I agreed to come to this place
    Thought the alcohol would so cloud my face
    Feel the sweat beginning to bead and rise
    Like the heart rate and blood inside cries... more »

  • Surviving Idiots

    Spin me around in the chair, make me a fool again
    Pointing out my imperfections, witness me so vain
    Chuckle and laugh, at my every second’s misfortune
    Pebbles and stones that you threw; at every ascension... more »

  • Sympathy For The Foolish

    Numbed mind and perceptions frozen, in time
    Trapped in the deep, blank, and senseless crime
    Systematic ache, of regret that’s timeless here
    A place were the angry, go away from all fear... more »

  • Tangibility Of Breathing Ineradicable Passion

    No such point in ever anointing singularities’ structure and birthright of humanity
    When the fore born and forgiven breathing is exhaled and repeated in anxiety
    To now love less but yet to fear more as for what purpose, as it serves as none
    For actuation of shivered irrevocable sensibility in opinion set to fragile stone... more »

  • Tears Of The Celestial Bleeding

    This cataclysm for the swelling of heavens gates
    A pinnacle of the south bound so of angel’s fates
    Ruptured in the merciless for the out pouring of rain
    Thrashing downward upon mortals’ soulless vein... more »

  • Teenager

    When slowly awoken from the dark of her velvet sleep
    And the secrets of last nights cyber sex is hers to keep
    Not caring for the messages unread for more fortunes
    Are so fathomed in the escape of horror and cartoons... more »

  • The Acquisition Of The One

    Turning the circles of infinities as I am blinded by this confusion
    A thousand voices spoken yet I’m lost for an accent’s annotation
    Perhaps I’m too blinded, too far for a river to set my vessel to sail
    Or else I am too blurred in the perspectives until I so raise my veil... more »

  • The Arisen Knowledge Of The Angelus

    No perfect being yet founded in higher comprehension
    To now yield an impulse and call it not a prophetic revolution
    For the format of mankind remains the same in the plethora
    Of the tragedies of failure for war and destructions enigma... more »

  • The Biology Of A Personal Equinox

    Intellectual fuels for the mitochondria of every living cell
    Binds in me a notion of electricity like the spark of the well
    Deep and endless in abundance for what we choose to seek
    And what the first loving words were when the child speaks... more »

  • The Change

    Don’t bleat to me in the literal terms of politicians
    When I foresee the freed will of violent aspirations
    I too can vent the fury to slam my fist down in defiance
    That as a person in amongst the peoples’ presence... more »

  • The Church Of My Soul

    I sit at no pulpit beyond that which is my water
    A choir does little to dim the heavy hearts interior
    A well of the cup to have gone dry of my mistakes
    Through intervention of remorse bears all stakes... more »

  • The Defeating Of You

    An echo of your descent, of your intimidation
    Rings to fail, as I am raging to vent this frustration
    No more can you take my body, to hurt and abuse
    Never again will you be the colossus, to reduce... more »

  • The Defeatus War

    A bell sounds, like the tapping of fingers, in my head
    This to be the living dream? But reality this is instead
    Sad that it maybe, for the forsaken are spoken of, so cruelly
    That actions be resented, upon a clean slate broken, unduly... more »

  • The Drowning Pier

    Bound and confused how did I get here
    Tied and unable to this drowning pier
    Skin stings as water enters my wounds
    Set to death under the most morbid of moons... more »