• The Factory Of Ghosts

    There it stood as time had long forsaken its presence
    A stature long since forgotten now standing in pretence
    Grass in meadow land, grow tall and seek to encrust
    Of brick and of steel, of corrugation and now rust... more »

  • The Finality Of Never

    Yesterday morning and last night too
    Thought I’d shaken that feeling of blue
    But some damn feelings never let be
    Like the day we said goodbye to be free... more »

  • The Foolish, The Meek And The Universe

    Counter bound in this ever revolving insular succession of ignorance
    Floated like the air supply of oxygen polluted to that of our fragility
    Incensed by the already enraged; whose war torn flag do you follow?
    I exhale as does many more to repeat my juridical surviving of yesterday... more »

  • The Fury And The Glory

    Grasp that which shall make me, so damn real for the new game
    A new found glory, in strength, that burns like a passions flame
    Screaming to the borders and I will smash through this gate
    With fist and fury; and all things unbridled, I will break this fate... more »

  • The Gentle Falling

    Warming to the slow collapse of an accolade to the day
    When all is finished, challenges with nothing left to say
    Bring forth the relaying breath of exhale to administer... more »

  • The Graveyard Of Memories

    I can’t or simply don’t wish to recall this to be dream or truth
    That of the language in picturesque translations so uncouth
    Familiar faces buried in the grave yard of distant memories
    In draconian realism as mists of times in shallow contingencies... more »

  • The Greatest Ignorance Of All

    Take the steps before the door, with bleak, river behind thee
    Dark descent of evening, and majestic primrose scents, dance free
    Each passing of moments, towards this new gateway, from dreams
    Flock, many thoughts and ideals, that rush to her, like flowing streams... more »

  • The Hospital

    You’re lying there paralysed in amongst many machines
    They are controlling you in heart, lung and extremes
    Faces and so many faces study you in clipboard records
    In the deafness of your voice unable to speak chords... more »

  • The Luxury Of Murder

    This unidentifiable entity, of a dwelling so deep
    That so in rage, in passion, in fear this doth seep
    Shadow that this embarks, to be hidden in waiting
    A will to tear violently apart, another human being... more »

  • The Melody Of Her Passing

    So many machines, so much abode working
    To hold her here in her broken state dying
    That the living world as of fingers slipping
    Away from their grasp of her heart beating... more »

  • The Moment Of Gone

    Eyes so glazed, unseeing and forward facing
    Eventuality of time, seemingly forever racing
    That an approaching moment, of an end of day
    Toward the destiny, of the uncontrollable way... more »

  • The Moment Of Tears

    When the breath settles and moments reflect
    That the cloud of this agony felt shall infect
    The soul that cannot find its heart and is lost
    When all has turned to burning at a lovers cost... more »

  • The Morning After

    Eyes opened to the pain, so throbbing in my head
    Hours so close, for all the damn stupid things I said
    After all I thought I would do, to catch the moment
    Even when the memories, always start to fragment... more »

  • The Night Bringeth The Velvetine

    The night bringeth the velvetine skies
    As I lay her body upon this satin cloth
    Passion caresses my heart with her eyes... more »

  • The Presence Of The Ghost

    My feet are cold, wandering these night time floors
    In my deepest rooted fears, from a nightmare cause
    I hear the sound, more than I see it there
    Cloaked and unseen, the presence, a chill in the air... more »

  • The Priest And Her

    Church of her comforts, the doors did slam, shut out
    World in that her soul felt pain, heart scattered about
    To sit here in peaceful reflections, away from that place
    Seeking counselling embrace, her yearning heart graced... more »

  • The Screaming

    It’s there and everywhere and all around this blessed house
    The prickles and the tickles and the silence like the mouse
    When the anatomy of the unseen of the spectre’s presence
    Harbour the stinging of fear of a vapour smoked essence... more »

  • The Speaking

    These apparitional conditions of the dead as communication
    A whispering to the cause of the prickles in statics condition
    Standing on end as so the trestles roll tight in such fear
    The electrocution of mechanism brings voice to revere... more »

  • The Station

    Darkness, late and now the night time has thus descended
    Sitting on a bench, knowing this journey should’ve ended
    Though with unconquerable delays, I sit here now so alone
    Everyone’s asleep and there isn’t a single friend, to phone... more »

  • The Stranger

    Delirium that begin to wear off as my eyes opened
    The memories’ seconds flicker to now comprehend
    Rising from lying here alone but realise I am so not
    This stranger next to me sat with legs crossed on this spot... more »

  • The Talking Thought

    Befalling me into, the sub sequential, passing events
    That one is to focus, as so the one voice implements
    Such figurines of shadows, from selective mentalities
    The provocation of these, compassionate anomalies... more »

  • The Train

    The day though not so far passed as does this vehicle
    Grinding upon steel as closure is sought in day’s cycle
    Wearied and tired, reflective yet in depth of thought
    Thinking over the events that another day brought... more »

  • The Umbilical Cord And The Astronaut

    Space does happen in the continuum of environments
    Though to be located by the daily journal that implements
    Walk home from the positive, wonder why I’ve turned negative
    When the bubble goes grey, on a somewhat sunny day... more »

  • The Warrior And The Maiden

    Befallen was her demise, as of a warrior’s maiden
    That such loneliness befell, this princess’s burden... more »

  • The Way To Peace

    For what negates the forward motions, of all people
    I can see the idealism, of what is set upon the steeple
    Symbolism created by hands, has torn down the same
    This life is for what is beyond, not the present game... more »