• Worms

    Inside, deep inside, can’t get them out of me
    Ravenous upon my flesh, upon me, my body
    A thick length of rape reduction, deep incised
    Rendered is freedom, so violently parasitized... more »

  • Wrong Blade

    Tears don’t seem to fall enough to ever supplement
    The seeping heart bleeding to further this torment
    For the fear that I felt of the blackness so beyond
    Diluted slowly by the whiskey and beer so donned... more »

  • You Will Never Understand

    I always seem to be, the enemy of your heart
    No matter what I say, I seem to tear you apart
    Forever on the wrong side, of this infinite fence
    If spoke from heart, would you still take offence?... more »

  • Your Soul, Your Heart And You

    If the maybes became perhaps, to uncertainties
    That way of tenderness, could yield simplicities
    For the touch of a genuine heart, brings me to
    A point where I fall, to my knees as you are true... more »

  • Your Voice In The Dark

    I know that you are there, though I simply cannot see you
    Why did you have to go away, taking your, heart, love so true
    How did I get to this moment? When I sleep upon my tears
    A bed of thorns without the roses, your arms, to chase the fears... more »