• And Maybe...

    And maybe I do ponder on such continual thoughts
    Before I consider the next random psychotic image
    And maybe I could be some kind of new found god
    Before worship of every word to kill their classmates... more »

  • Anointing Archaic Addictions

    The red violence of impurity for serenities’ tattered and frayed condition
    Sought in our eternal lust, throated and thrown down in condemnation
    A burning spinning wheel for fates conjunction of rabid exhilaration
    Founded in a passion for warfare of mankind’s desire for killing and extermination... more »

  • Another Day Of Today

    I squeezed the lemon but it hit me in the left eye
    Didn’t sting, just cleansed my perceptions for awhile
    At least for a moment before the rage cleared... more »

  • Another Way Through

    So much undone, in accordance to the analytical
    Of such discoveries, upon horizons unreachable
    That we may bear the key, for that of an infinite
    A universe unmapped, and languages’ anonymity... more »

  • Anti Worship

    I cut myself deeper yet the blood of the goat bled first
    Christian of indifference would say I’ve been cursed
    For a church stands cold and alone within the faithless
    Forever their God of make believe for the motionless... more »

  • Apparitional Trans-Morphed Configuration

    Beyond animation of the existence in spatial dimensions of the physical
    Draws their own reality taken to the grave once mortality in mortals coil
    Has completed the time and partiality in life to the rotting of in the soil
    Fold the time of the ghost to the mortal world in space and gravities foil... more »

  • Apparitions Passion

    The distant chill, of something so profound
    I can feel your lips on mine, though unfound
    The invisible distinction, in a kiss so stolen
    In death please present yourself, as a token... more »

  • As Is Of Us

    From a conjured thought, is fathomed and forgotten
    Diminishing rust, of a partial intrigue be begotten
    Crimson wine sways sweetly, across a full body
    Relishing of these passions, for that of an eternity... more »

  • As My Body Aches

    Cultivated thought for a passing, of another day
    Back gripped in ache, of the labour to make pay
    Simplest equation, of a chore carried in burden
    To exercise the sinews, of man so muscle laden... more »

  • Ask Yourself

    These eyes don’t see a world, just an acronym that limits me
    Ellipsis knowledge that’s fed to me, digest the artificiality
    Conjugate with the peoples’ thoughts, a vision of affiliation
    To create a place under a common sky, no more a warring nation... more »

  • Augmenting Revenge

    Placed now to the floor I taste the coldness of cement
    Such the screaming inside that somehow to augment
    The violent fantasies flowing through many thoughts
    Wishing this emotion sentenced in such unfair courts... more »

  • Awakening For The Lonely

    This exhaustion that befalls me, as all I can think of is her
    Why did this invoking come, to such an emotion to occur
    In a state of conflict, struggling from the heart to the mind
    Wishing destiny to set me free, from a struggle so unkind... more »

  • Axis Of Denial

    Did you deny a place I called my birth land, as it just looks the same?
    When every rape and violent daily moment is so the nominal sane
    I disowned the TV when I’m sold to on the lawful of all requirements
    Yet to rip me off is legality by the thief as politicians woes augments... more »

  • Back To Wherence I Know

    So many memories massed in a time so short
    Yet yielding to the human tongue in a retort
    Blinded to knowing this elusive conclusion
    Left with a conclusion of constant confusion... more »

  • Before Born

    Many colours, like the pulsing of a newest vibration
    Witness to the ears of a child, before life’s stimulation
    Within the womb, of this unseen worlds, elaboration
    Touched only by tiniest of fingers, before exploration... more »

  • Beneath The Guise Of Idiosyncrasies

    So hurt that the obvious hides, behind the idiosyncratic
    Always trying your best, when behaving like a lunatic
    Sometimes the madness; to cover the truth is obscurantist
    Far be it from a soft interior, or the hardened exhibitionist... more »

  • Bio-Sapient Of The Mecca Droid

    Forlorn that of life likens the chronological and eventual embolism of time
    Accordance to the modulated values for elementary suggestions of your prime
    Yielded only from that of destination forming the impulse of emotional and logical legalism
    Embalmed in fire concurrent to the pride for the instruments of warfare’s symbolism... more »

  • Bleeder

    So many dark pictures flash so to the mind of the unkind
    As a sole seeker for the bleeder rips to the vein entwined
    I wasn’t just displaced but I feel replaced for emotion
    As every word of sympathy in acrimony for devotion... more »

  • Bleeding And Heroin

    Thrust up against the wall to pay for her heroin
    Bleeding tattoos adorn pierced and ravaged skin
    Desperate needing for something inside again
    Better this that than the surrender of needles slain... more »

  • Blood Rage Rising

    Tense and unheard, as something grips within
    Power that is of the possessed, I call upon sin
    To conjure the cruelties within me, to destroy
    Tears flow as the blood swells my heart, to ploy... more »

  • Breathing Free

    Letting it go through accordance of breathing summer sunshine
    Let it all in, let the pollination of natural abundance care a damn
    To let the honey suckle scent be an emotion of your evening
    As the sun submits to another night time medley of sunsets... more »

  • Breathless Transcendence

    There was no time in this moment of the breathless
    Only that which could be for her own eyes to witness
    Her children now played in the world of the unawares
    As her lover of a time now gone feels and still cares... more »

  • Broken Friendship

    Systematic and autonomous fundamentals fall from my mind
    As I forget the meanings of all words so drunk and weary
    Perhaps a new translation founded in this world so unkind
    Figured I could find a sensation of touch from this fantasy... more »

  • Burn

    A mind that cannot be silent, fused between emotions
    Of a heart that cannot ever be still without devotions
    From the pieces so far collected, of myself obliterated
    By the selfish act of another who left me so devastated... more »

  • Buy Me A Scotch And Leave Me Alone

    Enough has been said, so I know where I stand
    So much of this has gone to hell, so lend me a hand
    Pass me a twenty and leave me to be sad and lonely
    Into a glass my tears will fall, as the serum shall see... more »