• Faces In The Dark

    So weary and tired as I take steps to return to this place
    Almost without energy to climb the stairs of spiral grace
    Fear and uncertainty from within walls of haunted flow
    Longing have I been to find an exodus from this inferno... more »

  • Falling

    A tear falls from the face, of the broken hearted
    Trying to hold in the world, of another departed
    The faults of which can be sought, in the mirror
    So that this face represents, all that is so familiar... more »

  • Falling Alone

    Is it a time when the words, have escaped
    Away from the mouth, of a mind elapsed
    From the bruises of an already, broken face
    Shattered and defeated, by damnations race... more »

  • Fear

    Is it the trembling physique or the chilling spine
    A presence somewhere near that you cannot define
    The lip that wavers and tears that run down your face
    A punish due, pain that is forthcoming for your disgrace... more »

  • Fear To Awaken

    Mists, of the might have been swirl in congregation
    Finding me in this place again, so much recognition
    That I may see you here again, in this second world
    As if angels called me again, to a background merle... more »

  • Fields Of Fire

    I take no glory from seeing the hurt of your own desolation
    Walking in the shattered remains of something of absolution
    Something beautiful that never forgave itself for the trespass
    Of another’s hands for the evil unspoken done unto this angelus... more »

  • Fields To Battle

    Glisten does the steel plate armour, sparkle beneath a raging sun
    Horse backed Calvary, a flag waving in the breeze, peace to be undone
    Eyes peer into eyes of the two masses awaiting in numbers many
    Bows perfected and swords clean, soon to be met with their destiny... more »

  • Final Gathering

    Come hither to this place, of shadows velvet
    Under the tree against the grey, stone tablet
    A bite of chill in the air, of a signal to an end
    Another times passage, for one to comprehend... more »

  • Finalities Exhalation

    For the surrender of mortality beckon this voice
    In such years of fear and darkness as angels rejoice
    For the calling of me from the shell of thus existence
    Brought me to the invisible yielding of exuberance... more »

  • First Eyes Of Another Day

    An Irish embrace as the rain came pouring down
    Friend told me that’s an Irish hug without a frown
    Didn’t matter a damn as I am gonna get wet anyway
    I sealed it with a kiss and toward yet another day... more »

  • Flash Parallel

    Night descend upon starlit city dwell
    Committed to evening; the time’s cell
    Humanity home to roost, rest, words
    As did so a song of much said as birds... more »

  • Flies

    When it released that of the red pearls not solidified
    I held it to my tongue and remember how she cried
    Before the taste goes cold like of the warmth of her
    The heat seeping now through the eviscerated cure... more »

  • Flight Of The Unlimited

    Stand before this ocean, on a cliff face of probabilities
    The breeze against my face, the expanse of many seas
    Tip my brow to the air, and take a step from this place
    Fall just a moment, before flight catches upward grace... more »

  • Flying Upon The Wind

    I can step to the edge and the feel the wind
    Wanting for something so perfect, and never sinned
    Above the clouds before my world, is at my call
    A blanket of sky above me and the clouds, where I fall... more »

  • Follow My Tears

    Onto this side of a new degree, of existence in death
    Now remembered when you kissed, my dying breath
    Awaiting here in the darkness, as I wonder my halls
    So far for my spirit to travel, from this, to angels calls... more »

  • For Her

    What rises like a fog, from the ground
    As doth the velvet, of the dark surround
    Such as is the touching, of pearl arousal
    Tasted, on the crimson tongues approval... more »

  • For The Simple Love Of Leather

    When it stings my green eyes and burns in my blood
    A dream that is so realised to realities brother hood
    Extends a grasp of yearning too deep to understand
    I exhale a breath for a power most wanted at hand... more »

  • For When

    What is it that makes the loudest, sound?
    Is that of silence, for which I so frowned
    Her presence that so echoes, in my mind
    Haunting me in places, I now can’t find... more »

  • Foresaken

    Bleeding from the sanctuary, of her lovers bite
    Gripped from behind, beneath undulated night
    Of his presence locked deep, inside her body
    The sting of his embrace, and of her captivity... more »

  • Forgotten

    See this man before you, as I am now and today
    Witness this forever, a discipline that’s to betray
    In my hole, looking upwards, to faces looking downwards
    Only left to yield, as my dimensions are no longer forwards... more »

  • Found

    Feeling so damned inadequate, like a jigsaw unfinished
    Seemingly caught between, a house and the unfurnished
    The mighty castle, without the lands to rule the empire
    Feeling the cold in a forest, without the means for a fire... more »

  • Four Letter Word (You Escaped Me)

    A four letter word that forever escapes me
    Are you out there running?
    So far, far, far away
    Never to embrace me... more »

  • Freeze

    Slow it down, just stop for a brief pausing reflection
    This world’s so different, when you freeze consultation
    Now walk with me amongst the stillness, of the Earth
    So many faces captured, in motions and striding girth... more »

  • From Hence The Nothing To Genesis

    The extension to the peripheral and inner cognitive depth
    Where hence there be no dimension only subliminal breadth
    Interweaved from the imagery spliced and interjected
    Cradling the foetus born of thought from those connected... more »

  • From The Corner Of My Eye

    For whence she came, to a moment’s vision, surpassed
    An all too familiar figure, for which she couldn’t last
    Shudder, the reality of her passing again, in my mind
    Something so terrible, yet I fear this moment is unkind... more »