• I Can'T See

    So now haunted by these happy memories
    So taunted by the truth of impossibilities
    Aggravated so, by the stubbornness of life
    When all that stings, is the blade of a knife... more »

  • I Fade Away

    A distant blackness, envelopes my face
    In your mind never to face the disgrace
    So alone I turn away from your memory
    And be abandoned to succumb to misery... more »

  • I Promised You War

    So high to the mighty clouds above yourself
    Upon the steed of the highest horse in wealth
    Of a higher esteem born of self rewarding... more »

  • I Said Don’t Tell Me

    Don’t tell me of a world of masterful politicians
    Don’t tell me of a world of embattled coalitions
    Don’t tell me of a world of the spin doctors slurs
    Cannot perceive the blindness as the vision blurs... more »

  • I Saw A Dream Of Purple Skies

    Reminisced in a dream of dreams for all skies
    I was in this place free from all pain and lies
    The lightest breeze to cool this burning soul
    An exaggeration made real accepting it whole... more »

  • I Walk, I Bleed

    Pouring from my soul, a face turned dark
    As my hands are chalked by gravels mark
    The cold rain thundering down on my back
    Fleeting under fates relentless brutal attack... more »

  • I Walked With My Spirit Today

    Moved away a branch, to see a face that I knew of myself
    Startled until I bore recognition, like a photograph on a shelf
    This spirit of me that just stood here, and allowed to be seen
    Neither fearful nor zealous, I asked for what this could mean?... more »

  • I Wish I Could (Be That Child Again)

    Wish I could return to those many moments
    Of sweets and playgrounds and atonements
    Well I’m dreaming back to my younger days
    When I didn’t know all and nothing stays... more »

  • I Won Today

    I severed my veins again in uselessness
    I thought I would drought the pus,
    of my own contamination.
    Because something confused me always.... more »

  • I, Crashed

    So much said, when nothing makes sense
    Worthless excursions, so faded by penitence
    Laying alone here, upon a cold stone place
    Tears filling lines, of my now broken face... more »

  • If Hell Exists

    Then let be the ink of mankind to sign Mephistopheles contract
    Of the unbinding and forgiving in all that are humanities to retract
    All that is sins in war, abuse, an unbridled calculation of violence
    Too far gone by jealousy, wrath, loathing to find the repentance... more »

  • Illegal Diesel And The Criminal Drifter

    He met with a guy in a bar who kills for tips
    Tattoos on each arm for gang memberships
    An exchange of cash and no questions asked
    Seems that murder is never so under tasked... more »

  • I'M Ok

    Seems I tore apart, the one thing I loved so much
    And I am not getting over this anytime fast, as such
    As the many memories of happiness, become pain
    Of times we laughed and smiled, now like a stain... more »

  • Impulse

    Selective decisions foundered, by a decisive consciousness
    Creative pathology of the universal acronym, of emptiness
    A void that hungers to be fed, with the all so knowledgeable
    Grant me the key to open to the, newly sought psychological... more »

  • In Another Country

    I fell down so hard, just a few miles from the food hall
    Weakened legs buckled, from when I’d stand up so tall
    Before my mother died, slowly of a thing called AIDS
    Positive too, but I’m far too hungry for government aids... more »

  • In Grieving

    Crisp mists surrounding, the embodiment of sorrow
    Unity in solace, as I scorn the approach of tomorrow... more »

  • In Her Eyes

    Like a universe into one moment, of perfection unites
    That a fissure, to my soul has been opened and alights
    Her eyes looked down into me, to a depth I didn’t know
    Reaching a point to which was deeper, than I could go... more »

  • In Her Passing

    Something so perfect and yet so far gone
    Into the last shreds of memories, yet undone
    As time does past, so be it the emotions as well
    Empty void unfilled and a heart, that starts to swell... more »

  • Indescribable Nature

    Rekindling a memory, of a time way back when
    I was just a little school boy, around the age of ten
    Trying to perceive of another’s life, so worth living
    Or maybe as a fox in an endless forest, for roaming... more »

  • Insane Asylum

    Screams of all the dispossessed echoing through walls of steel
    Forgotten void in the blackness hidden from the eyes that feel
    Witnessed not by any sense of morality in the brutality here
    Beaten, raped and scarred in the boundaries of psychotic fear... more »

  • Insomniac

    Entrapment state, between the dark and consciousness
    Somehow lodged, from the sleep to the awareness
    Head is pounding to be asleep, as I cannot stop thinking
    Eyes closed in a steeped action, of turning and writhing... more »

  • Into Space

    Collaborate with the entity of virtual reality and persona
    To exasperate all that is worth doing for the partial dogma
    Until all that is incorrigible is fathomed and considered
    Before the final action of the go ahead is finally figured... more »

  • Invisible Lightning

    Shadows mimic love against the glare of the bedroom lamp
    A taste of sweat in a kiss traces of an inseminating stamp
    Twisted, curled, embraced and desired within ice and flame
    Salt and sugar and nectar’s texture upon the tongue as they came ... more »

  • It Thing

    Can you see that, can you feel it?
    It’s right there now, touching you
    Wants to hurt you, make you scream
    Growling, it’s breathing on you... more »

  • Journey Maker (Visuality)

    Does it take so much that, I can reach with fingers?
    And trace where the wind, once blew and lingers
    In voices that congregated here, before I now stand
    Of so many memories, that now flight to this land... more »