• Beside You

    I love you,
    day and night your the only one I think about,
    No matter what I'll always be by your side,
    I'll stay with you even if it hurts,... more »

  • Faith

    Faith is what courages you,
    Brings you love,
    love can be true or false,
    You think your not good enough for him.... more »

  • I Was Wrong

    You were the one I trusted,

    You were the one I loved most... more »

  • I'Ll Always Be By Your Side

    I'll always be by your side no matter what
    I'll be there
    to comfort you during the difficult times
    when your upset... more »

  • Just To See You

    ... more »

  • Love

    love is just a word,
    action is just a movement,
    your heart can be damage so much,
    Your thoughts, you think... more »

  • Love Can.....

    Love can...

    ...be difficult for people time to time,... more »

  • Sunset

    ... more »

  • The One

    Your the one I loved so much.

    The love of my life.... more »

  • The Pain

    You gave me this pain in my heart,

    the pain that can never be removed,... more »

  • The Things I Love About You

    The things I love about you ...
    .....is the way you smile when I look at you
    ....is the way you don't judge people by there cover... more »

  • Your Happiness

    ... let you go and be free,

    ...thought you would be okay,... more »

  • Your Love

    Your the one I love so much.
    Seeing you makes me smile.... more »