A teen writer and poet from the Bay Area of California. Recently joined Poem Hunter to get feedback on writing that overworked book agents and impacted publishing companies do not adequately provide.

General philosophy on poetry: Usually prefers short poems that provide the most impact in the least amount of words. Every word counts, choose wisely. The last word in a poem tells the most about the poem. Editting poetry is natural.


Vivienne Chen Poems

If I Could Copy And Paste The World

If I could Copy and Paste the world,
I would Ctrl C on the times that took my breath away,
And Apple V onto the moments that went astray.... more »

Wicker Girl

A girl made of wicker,
Doused in straight ‘A’ fuel
Honors dangle around her neck,
Adorned with charcoal jewels... more »

Colors War

The colors of the spectrum
All in disarray
Hatred spurned from ignorance
Fuel this endless fray.... more »

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