• Alone In The Crowd

    You walk through the masses
    Swimming upriver
    Stopping like a boulder
    To have the people swerve around... more »

  • Angel

    I hung up my wings for the night
    No seraph needs them here
    Those fluffy, light, angelic wings
    A [expletive] pain to wear... more »

  • Colors War

    The colors of the spectrum
    All in disarray
    Hatred spurned from ignorance
    Fuel this endless fray.... more »

  • Doll

    Wake up.
    How do those glassy eyes
    Fit on that porcelain skin?
    A perfect blue... more »

  • Drunken Unawareness

    I say stop!
    You say no.
    You’re drunk on bliss,
    Ignorant bliss.... more »

  • Eastern Promises

    Do svidaniya
    We say goodbye in Russia
    I never get a
    Do svidaniya... more »

  • Gas Mask

    Three eyes or two and a mouth
    Gaping, black
    A snout-like nose
    Diluting the poisons to the vessel within... more »

  • If I Could Copy And Paste The World

    If I could Copy and Paste the world,
    I would Ctrl C on the times that took my breath away,
    And Apple V onto the moments that went astray.... more »

  • My Commie Friend

    He’s a red one
    With sickle and hammer
    So hated, his kind I know
    Reads Marxist manifestos... more »

  • Not Another Teen Romance Poem (I Want You)

    I want you to smile at me
    I want you to break my fall
    I want you to look me in the eye
    I want you, but that’s not all.... more »

  • Panic At The Gas Station

    I drove my Chevy to the old gas pump,
    A cry rang out in complaint.
    A man said “Egad! Look at that bill! ”
    Before dropping dead in a faint.... more »

  • Shiver

    The cold, icy air
    Whips the fabric of your shirt
    Stripping away your fire
    Into smoke... more »

  • Smoker

    She grins at me
    Her dark eyes and chiseled brows
    Glaring deep
    An old cigarette in her mouth... more »

  • Sogen

    We played in you as children
    But now your path is dust
    The horses that once rocked so lively
    Now peel their plastic shells... more »

  • That Which Is Not

    What is wrapped in silk
    Pines to be bound in leather.
    The crashing wave
    Wishes to be subdued.... more »

  • Unrequited

    I am left alone
    The wind takes me and
    Its whisper gives me chills
    Not unlike your voice... more »

  • Wicker Girl

    A girl made of wicker,
    Doused in straight ‘A’ fuel
    Honors dangle around her neck,
    Adorned with charcoal jewels... more »

  • Words

    I fell in love with his words
    Not his self.
    I am not sure anyone ever saw
    His true self.... more »