Vlad Narkevic Biography

Wearing black, lots of chains, needles, coloars, collar

Some say that I`m goth
Some that Emo
But I dont have a stily
Its all made by my self

Prefer to bee in dark (shadow)

Mouste of the time think aboute blood or death
There is noathing left to think aboute

Write poems, draw, started writing songs (not good but trying)

Like to have coments aboute all made by me art

If there is interest in my personal life:

At school ppl fear me (dont know wy but they run from me all the time)
There is allways ppl wo make me fight them
Grades not bad and not very good aswell
from 5/10 to 9,10 /10

At home parents hate to see me allthe time in black
Hate my sis

All the time thinking aboute life

Thats wy I write poems, songs or draw

There is allways time to spear

And if ya need more info.....
Send a message to me