• A Note For Life

    Another sunshine
    Another day,
    Another storm to flood my way.
    I couldn’t stop the rain from pouring... more »

  • A Visit At Creekside Street

    As I was passing by an old street of the past,
    A junk emotion suddenly arose from within.
    And things from yesterday kept rolling in my mind,
    Recalling the pain and reminiscing the acts,... more »

  • Die With Me

    Fly Low my brother, dropp your wings
    Land your feet on filthy grounds
    Let me see you lower your altitude
    Quit soaring for a moment... more »

  • I Found The Music

    I desired to write a song, but there was hardly any line to lay,
    I gazed at you and found a word with thousand meanings to play.

    A rhythm I wished to create, yet there’s no pulse to place,... more »

  • Ode To A Friend

    I thought real friendships grew on trees,
    So I started collecting them by three’s.... more »

  • So Just Stay

    Let me know if you’ll stay,
    Right here beside me
    I’m freezing to death with these memories of yesterday
    And no one else could melt it fast... more »

  • Thoughts In Solitude

    I am in the silence of my solitude,
    Where my heart and mind starts a feud.
    Only whispers of my thoughts are loudly heard,
    And things begin to make me bothered.... more »