• A Complete Fool

    A play began…
    Rolled a new friendship of three
    Started from seeking advices
    Continued to share interest on all things... more »

  • A Loner

    Dedicated to my beloved and be-offended friends
    'I will fight till my last breathe…till I find the meaning behind it...till I feel what I should feel'

    A loner took a journey alone... more »

  • A Loner Ii

    Time has passed..
    Still hoping that feeling
    But seems it will never come... more »

  • A Loner Iii

    Time flew
    Everything is so puzzling
    Yet none wanna say a thing
    All are locked and sealed... more »

  • A Loner Iv

    Sometimes people wonder
    Even the diamond to itself, another and her care
    Are they real diamonds?
    Are you real?... more »

  • A Tiny Little Step

    Gloomy months in life
    All I did just made it worse
    Gave me tears and pains
    Broke my heart, stole my soul... more »

  • For...

    For rejections I got
    For words I cannot tell... more »

  • Giving

    Days are so beautiful
    Life is so wonderful
    Hope is always be there
    Dreams are easy to achieve... more »

  • Have I Ever Won Your Heart

    Misty morning suddenly change
    Sun shine brighter my day
    On the day you told me
    I love you... more »

  • Here I Am

    Starring with empty look
    Standing in the dark
    Shocking terribly
    Found the fact that I’ve already known... more »

  • Here We Are Now

    Years of waiting
    Years of hoping
    Waiting for a chance
    Hoping for a glance... more »

  • Just Tell The Truth

    Just tell who you are
    Just tell what you want
    Just tell what is happening
    Just tell the truth... more »

  • Lost

    Don’t know what to think
    Don’t know what to do
    Don’t know how to act
    Don’t know how to react... more »

  • Not A Quitter

    Days of wounded
    Days of crying
    Days of angriness
    Broke me down to million little pieces... more »

  • Numb

    My heart is numbed
    On every word you promised
    On every excuse you told
    On every tear you poured... more »

  • Questions

    Why you enter my life
    If what you did just hurt me like this
    Why I let you enter my life
    I wish I knew you just want to hurt me... more »

  • Remember Me This Way

    If tomorrow starts without me,
    Remember our good and bad times
    Up and down as called life rhyme
    Precious gift that no longer mine... more »

  • The Unexpected

    Blur and getting more blurry
    All are still keep silence and sealed
    Never imagine things happened like this
    Leave her alone in confusion... more »

  • When Will It End?

    I see none…
    Everything around is just a darkness
    I just found closed doors... more »

  • Will You Be There For Me?

    Dare to say you care of me
    Dare to tell I am importance for you
    Dare to promise to always be there for me
    Dare to claim that I m a precious gift in you... more »