• 21st Century Cynic

    Protest the Pope
    Takin' out of context was the quote
    Zionist threat?
    Conspiracy theories what do ya expect... more »

  • Dissatisfaction

    Frustration, I am a prisoner
    Consumption they are prisoners
    I am a prisoner of frustration I
    know not yet a purpose... more »

  • Not Yet Named

    Commos, lesbos, pinkos, drugos
    A nation afraid of “O”s.
    Behind the lines,
    Where the wealthy reside,... more »

  • Some Crap About Nature

    There, there little blade of grass
    You grow so quickly and are cut so fast
    There, there little misquito
    Your bite itches as I eat my taquito... more »

  • Trance?

    I look out each day upon Dawn
    Wondering what this day will spawn
    Perhaps today I will see a new light,
    One which I did not see last night... more »