Wael Karameh Biography

Reading Wael's poetry is a way to get in touch with your inner feelings;
the emotions of loving and being loved. Wael's poetry spans emotions from love and happiness to pain and emptiness.The poems offered here reflect that diversity. Wael's poetry is not only for 'lovers' but speaks to anyone who has experienced the desire to be loved... that is it speaks to everyone.
Wael Karameh was born in Lebanon. He is a Family Medicine Specialist, graduate from the American University of Beirut(June 2004, practicing medicine currently in Abu Dhabi. Besides his interest in the medical field, Wael had a great passion to poetry reading and writing since his early childhood.
'The Mysts of Mirrors' or 'ب خ ا ر ا ل م ر ا ي ا ' is his first published poetry book.It is composed of 56 poems, along with a CD that contains 32 poems in Wael's voice with music background in harmony with the poetic atmosphere.
lately in 2009 Wael Published his second Arabic poetry book 'The Education Of Love' ' Thakafat Al Hob' in Beirut Lebanon and has a signing ceremony in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E at the cultural foundation; In May 2009, another signing of the book will take place in Beirut.
' I am a romantic person who likes writing love poetry
and who centers his life around the idea of the woman being a holy creature inspiring him at all levels and at all times.'