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Waheed Musah (Hafrikan Prince) is a public figure and the Chief Representative of World Nations Of Writers Union (WNWU) , P.R.O of Nations Of Africa, Creative Manager of New Tunes Entertainment, CEO of (GOKA) Go Kurative Africa, Founder of Interviewing and Publication, and a Trustee Member of Pentasi B World. Hafrikan Prince is one of Africa's finest Ancestral Author, Playwright, Songwriter, Model, Spoken word artist, Motivational speaker, Creative director and a cultural activist, extremely innovative and talented in the field of promoting Afro-centric activities. Motivating and empowering the young African generation to stick to their valuable culture and tradition.After some series of personal researches he made, found out that many Africans do not know their cultural roots and this was what inspired Hafrikan Prince into creative art using Poetry, spoken word and drama as a channel to conscientize them about the need to preserve one’s culture, as a mean of growth and development Especially, using art to educate, entertain and motivate the public on serious issues like: the merits of cultural preservation, unification, patriotism, peace, humanitarian, volunteerism and also the dangers of corruption, poverty, and political instability and above all empowering and inspiring the youth to harness their creative talents.
He has performed along with a lot of renowned African poets and writers like Professor Atukwei Okai, Professor Lade Wosornu, Professor Gheysika Agambila, Nana Kwasi Gyan- Apenteng, Professor Esi Sutherland for inspirations. His stage performance has also brought him close to legends and renowned writers, poets and authors all around the world; which have become the fuel that spurs him on to a greater height.

He is also a Pentasi B World featured poet
Featured poet for India Poetry festival 2017 and also a trustee member
He is a library lover. He love reading and writing a lot.

He has distinguished him self uniquely as in the field of innovation and creativity.
-He is the CEO of Go Kurative Africa (GOKA) a creative organization that stand to uniquely solve societal problems through Creativity and innovation
-A Creative Manager and Event Organizer at New Tunes Entertainment(NTE)
-Also the PRO of Nations Of Africa (NOA)
-Creative Director at King's Agency
His literary works has also been featured in a whole lot of media programs both on TV and Radio, GTV, ETV, Kantaka TV and on Pluzz FM, Citi FM, Universal FM and so on.
He has also performed at major events:
Ghana Book Festivals, Story moja festival, Xmas Village events, GAW Sunday's, Presidential Congresses, Sobolo and Chicken Poetry event, Yeji Yam Festival, African Americans Black History Month, Wordsmith Arena, and in Universities Events

One of his recent projects was the Afro Art Gallery which took place at the Legon Drama Studio in honor of one of the African best poets, Professor Lade Wosornu, a retired surgeon popularly known for his poem, “The Master Brewer”. It was a successful program mixed with comic relief, musical performance, poetry recitals and stage drama.
He also organized a quiz competition in Yeji in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. The event brought together the chiefs, elders and the people of Yeji. The quiz was organized among 12schools both the primary and the JHS. The pupils were giving books, pens, pencils. The winners were giving Africa’s story books. All the schools were giving certificate for their participations. The chiefs and elders of Yeji have adopted the event to be a yearly event to help promote reading, writing, and learning among students in other to improve the quality of education in the district.


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