• Beloved's Call

    Sleeping on the river's bank,
    I heard of Mehar's glory,
    Bells aroused my consciousness,
    longing took its place,... more »

  • Circle Of Denial

    [Circle Of Denial]

    Love survives the trace-less jolts,
    Of distrust, fear,... more »

  • Darkness

    darkness enveloped
    my whole existence.... more »

  • 'Deprivation'

    A long time ago
    I pledged to hand-over my body
    To waves of mighty river Indus.... more »

  • Distance.

    The sea-shore
    was twenty steps away
    from the door-step of my house.... more »

  • Eve

    Wrapped in the wrong body,
    fights with the coincidences.... more »

  • Haiko - In Urdu / Hindi.

    Jab woh chand ki terh
    Sir pe kharri thi.... more »

  • Her Love, Loves Her.

    She concedes
    Her joy to morning breeze
    Her happiness knows no bounds.... more »

  • I Have A Sister

    Every Morning,
    When i open up my eyes
    Love-wrapped whispers greet me.... more »

  • I Know That

    I know that i love you
    I know that you will desert me
    I know that print-marks on your neck will vanish.... more »

  • Life Is Calling.

    The streets are empty,
    Dogs have migrated to near by town.
    The sons of adam have lost faith in this ghost -stricken city,
    Where blood has replaced water,... more »

  • Maa [we]

    [Maa* - We]

    We, who carved,
    the picture of goddes... more »

  • March Ahead.

    March in the hot and cold (weather) ,
    There is no time to sit down.
    Lest, there should be a darkness.
    And you don't find the... more »

  • Mohabatun Main Shumaar Kaisa - Urdu Poetry

    Mohabatun main shumaar kaisa?
    - By. Shah Bano

    Mohabatun main shumaar kaisa?... more »

  • Punur Janam*

    Picchli serdiyoon ki ek raat
    Neerag nay awaz laga-ee
    Mein wapas ja reha hoon
    Phir say lout aanay kay li-ay.... more »

  • Rebel Mind

    I dreamt of a deity
    With so much stern-ness
    Having fared a long way
    Of the dreadfull ride... more »

  • Renewal Of Pledge

    You may have memories
    Of our last meeting at River Indus.
    standing on the west bank,
    I held your hand... more »

  • Ruined Heart

    Love like things
    stretched haphazardly over the years
    receded into vicissitudes of life.... more »

  • Sach Ki Talash

    Kal suboh
    Andhiyari basti k loug
    Suryavansh ki pooja kertay
    Bol parray.... more »

  • Shadow-Dancing

    A swinging female dancer
    With divine gestures
    Leavesmarks on the sand dunes.... more »

  • The Balacing Act

    Last december,
    In a cold wintry night,
    I approached a girl.... more »