Wallace Stevens October 2, 1879 – August 2, 1955

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As I haven't found any translation of Wallace Stevens' “Montrachet-Le-Jardin”, even if it is so difficult to understand.. (a ''passage of whimsy and whimsical words''!) .. I'll try my own interpretation and give here a translation of the following 6 lines into Italian.. What is there to love than I have loved? And if there be nothing more, O bright, O bright, The chick, the chidder-barn and grassy chives And great moon, cricket-impresario, And, hoy, the impopulous purple-plated past, Hoy, hoy, the blue bulls kneeling down to rest. - ITALIAN: Cosa v'è da amare che non abbia amato? E se nient'altro vi fosse, o radioso, o radioso, Il pulcino, il fienile irreperibile e l’erba cipollina E la grande luna, impresario dei grilli, E, ohi, lo spopolato passato violaceo, Ohi, ohi, i tori azzurri che s'inginocchiano per riposare.
Wallace Stevens' answer to the questions ''What is a poet? Why does one write poetry? '': ''A poet writes poetry because he is a poet; and he is not a poet because he is a poet but because of his personal sensibility. What gives a man his personal sensibility I don't know and it doesn't matter because no one knows. Poets continue to be born not made and cannot, I'm afraid, be predetermined.''
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