walt martin Biography

Honest and loyal best friend/husband and parent... Born w/ caul (could converse and read eight months to four plus years w/ eidetic memory) ... Catholic school... unsettled wandering traveler... fine communal life in Minn... school... Clinical technologist/pathology (for two plus decades - multi-licensed but no longer active) ... married Janice Carter '78... children '79, '80, '83... school... current actively licensed R.N.(psych) : semi-retired d/t illness (it happens) .
Likes: The joy of friendship, naturalism, nature walks, expressing empathy, reading (new lit, and a select number of 'top shelfers' that are in constant reread) , classically romantic writings and films, motorcycles, sport/target shooting, music (folk,60's acid rock, current progressive, etc) , collecting books and signed lithographs (varied) , meditation, sky diving (past active/current interest) , all matters medical, and a few other 'odds and ends'.
Dislikes: TV, politicians, and computer science (with some obvious and/or necessary exceptions) .
A favored quote: 'To thine own self be true...' W.S.