• Material World

    Feral minds grope blind for light,
    avaricious constrictions in delusional flight;
    know not honor, but numbing deceit,
    with false gods laurels grandly replete.... more »

  • More Sexually Sequacious Stuff

    You taunt my days and haunt my nights
    with the feigned offer of innocence;
    filling me with awe at the might of alluring need,
    and the pleasure of teasing fingers rake,... more »

  • Reflections Of An Autopsy Undone

    Another interruption in duty and chore;
    A call to task behind the gray door.
    With ' Y ' cut to make,
    and samples to take;... more »

  • Sonnet Xx: Garden Of The Heart

    Splendid verdant form awakes at dawn of day
    with crowning gift offered gracefully on high,
    to touch the promise of cresting suns ray...
    A floral offering to fathomless sky.... more »

  • The Tree With Roots In Hell

    There is a place,
    in timeless space,
    where the dead do reign -
    held captive by ethereal chain.... more »

  • Thoughts And Janice

    Some thoughts held close, ever so near;
    others quite distant, not nearly as dear;
    Some locked forgotten, safely away,
    to be treasured or feared, on some other day.... more »