Walt Whitman Comments (57)

hi I believe that the poem o captain my captain is about me because I am the captain of my toy ship that I play with in the bath that's what my mum says.
hi guys, I was just wondering why ya'll are hating on my comments like if I think someone is hot I'm aloud to say so I have rights too. regards Mary
lemons are awesome #lemonlover
Walt is such a great poet, I love him. he is quite hot.
you kids you better stop being disrespectful to the this poet, he is my greatest inspiration. YAAAHHH YEAH DA BOIZ
it is a trash and, , ooooohhhhhh ma the a
I am doing my translation asignment and I dont know how to translate 采集日志 into English. It is the Chinese name of a collection of Whitman.
What is the art of white man with reference to American Naturalism
my name is cool yeah
who els is in school?
anyone else notice he is self obsessed
whitman and thoreav write book 1930 on the book its for sale
whitman and thoreav write a book 1930 year on book cash it for sale
poetry is not inspiration
i am the bestist and da koolist good arownd
i am da koolist dood arownd
I'm doing a school assignment on Walt Whitman. I need 3 credible sources, and was wondering if I could get some help.
Beautiful poem.thanks for sharing.10++++