Walt Whitman Comments (70)

I really like 'Leaves of Grass', particularly 'Song of Myself'. The poems are in long, free lines, with a rhythm that keeps you reading. Whitman was like no other poet I had read before 2012. Many of his poems are very long in many stanzas-so much the better for a genuine reader.
why does he keep making up words
so many words man this is ridiculous
hi I believe that the poem o captain my captain is about me because I am the captain of my toy ship that I play with in the bath that's what my mum says.
hi guys, I was just wondering why ya'll are hating on my comments like if I think someone is hot I'm aloud to say so I have rights too. regards Mary
lemons are awesome #lemonlover
Walt is such a great poet, I love him. he is quite hot.
you kids you better stop being disrespectful to the this poet, he is my greatest inspiration. YAAAHHH YEAH DA BOIZ