• (my Hero) A Story

    ... more »

  • Bad Day

    how do you go through life
    and never know what going to happen next

    how do you feel... more »

  • Bye

    I am dying slowly
    I don't even realize it
    I don’t even no what’s going on around me
    I can't see... more »

  • Doe's She Know

    I’m going crazy, does she love me?
    Does she see what I do for her?
    Does she know what's going on?
    Does she know what she is doing?... more »

  • Fire And Ice: Love

    the fire got me
    it wont let me go
    I'm all over the place
    it still won't let me go... more »

  • I Am Done

    I am done
    I am done learning
    I am done working
    I am done having fun... more »

  • I Am The Unluckest Person

    I feel like the unluckiest person alive
    I lost my grandfather
    I am losing my grandmother
    I lost my mom and dad... more »

  • Is This Love

    Why do I feel this way
    Its just a kiss
    I never felt this way before
    Its not like I ever kissed anyone before... more »

  • Life Is Love

    Life is about love
    Love last forever
    It never ends
    It never dies... more »

  • Love Is Blind

    Love Is Blind
    love can be right in front of you
    love is all around you
    love, love, love... more »

  • Me

    Your so beautiful
    in the snow
    I can't explain it
    It brings everything out... more »

  • My Angel

    Now that I don’t have her in my arms, I feel like I am slowly dieing.

    Everything I do reminds me of her.... more »

  • Thanks Mom For Everything!

    You are my Mother,
    My Mentor
    My Maker
    You taught me how to be nice... more »

  • The Way I Feel 1

    I feel numb all over.
    All I can feel is my heart beating skipping a beat every time.
    My Body is getting tired,
    My mind is getting weak,... more »

  • The Way I Feel 2

    I feel numb all over.
    All I can feel is my heart beating.
    Skipping a beat every time.
    My Body is getting tired.... more »

  • Things I Like About Her

    Her hair smells like Roses
    I get lost in her hair
    Her eyes are like eyes on an Angel
    So peaceful.... more »

  • Whats Wrong With Me

    You were my first true love
    I wanted to marry you some day
    All that seems to be crashing down
    My tear's crashing all around you... more »

  • Why

    Why are we hear.
    Why is there air?
    Why is there water?
    Why are there planets?... more »

  • Why Are These Things This Way

    Why are some people Careful?
    Why are some people Careless?
    Why are some people nice and others are mean?... more »

  • Why Is Life Like A Box Of Chocolate's

    why is life like box of chocolate's

    why is they so many different verity's... more »

  • Your Eyes Tell Me Everything

    Your eyes
    Your eyes tell me everything
    What your thinking
    The way you feel... more »