One of eight children. I have kept the tradition; I have eight who call me DAD. The last two were adopted at a time when most people would abandon a child. I have watched the power of GOD in the eyes of my children and grandchildren. (See 'Why God is real') My purpose is to help. To spread peace. To show that the only really important things in life can't be bought, they have to be lived. One day... when I get a few moments, I will publish the rest of what has been penned to paper. Some is whimsical, some is serious, some will make you laugh, others will cause a lump and a tear. The few things here have spread far beyond these pages. I guess that makes them worth reading.
Sometimes you just have to let the words out... Enjoy.


Walter Killeen Poems

The Need For Touch

To touch and be touched is perhaps the most human thing we do.
It can provoke many emotions.
Those who have been hurt, fear it; and want to run away.
Run away from the terror, the abuse, the roughness.... more »

Remember (For My Children)

(To my Children)
Remember always, that I love you.
Remember, You only have to ask.
I will do anything within my power to make this time less painful.... more »

Together We Can

I know that you are hurting from the pain of these past days.
I see you searching for a kind of peace, a peace within.... more »

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