• As I Gather

    There was the word,
    and the word begat other words... and a sentence was born.
    And the author saw that it was good.... more »

  • How Love Dies

    Once upon a time a young man found a woman.

    That special one: the eyes; the hair; the shape of her face; her hands; her special walk; the sound of her
    voice. The love reflected in her soul.. Timidly at first, he approached her. He had been shot down so many... more »

  • My Closest Companion

    For the rest of my life dear,
    I want you to be,
    my closest companion and all you can be.
    To fill our dreams with just you and with me,... more »

  • Perfect Tense Er Sense...

    One day while swilching under an inverted Ocean in the middle of deep
    dark Africa, I met a squilch who had lost their gronk.

    As I rotated into a position not previously held by her I asked it what... more »

  • Real Love Is...

    IT'S NOT Hugs & Kisses or even the spoken words
    although those are often its outward signs.
    IT'S NOT about Caresses and physical touching
    although these help it grow and indeed keep it alive.... more »

  • Remember (For My Children)

    (To my Children)
    Remember always, that I love you.
    Remember, You only have to ask.
    I will do anything within my power to make this time less painful.... more »

  • Solitude

    The time that I spend with others is valuable
    The time spent with me..
    in solitude...... more »

  • The Interview

    God approaches each of us in different ways.
    To some, He gives the gift of healing.
    To others, He gives the gift of tongues.
    While working in solitude, I often feel His presence...... more »

  • The Need For Touch

    To touch and be touched is perhaps the most human thing we do.
    It can provoke many emotions.
    Those who have been hurt, fear it; and want to run away.
    Run away from the terror, the abuse, the roughness.... more »

  • Together We Can

    I know that you are hurting from the pain of these past days.
    I see you searching for a kind of peace, a peace within.... more »