she has always enjoyed creative writing froma young age and now, even though only 13, is beginning to write a book. Her poems 'come to her from seeing the most ordinary of things' and finds she cant write if shes written the title to the poem. She wants to write for a living, but being as cynical as she is, has decided that thats not going to earn her wenough money. so, shes going to be a corporate lawyer.


Waltzing Mouse Poems

A Touch Of Moonlight

A touch of moonlight
Whispering over my skin
Shimmering in the night... more »

The Sun

The sunrise is a golden orb
Light peeks through the clouds
In the first pale blush of morning
The sun is veiled in silver shrouds... more »

End Of Autumn

Resplendent in a golden gown
Autumn sits on the hillside
She talks with the trees
And leaves a gold blush on their cheeks... more »

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Steven Stofko 25 May 2019 03:24
Lovely lady with fine style and wit.