I am just one small child, lost in a world way over is head. my reaction to this large world in which i slowly learn more and more about is my poetry. And so with each poem i express a new experience or discovery of this world creatively, and then pass it to you to discover for yourself


Wandering Scarlet Poems


Everyone's dream
Everyone wants it
Few people have it
Everyone likes to be around it... more »

The Beast

It dwells within my spirit, body and mind
devouring my soul and spirit,
it leaves nothing behind... more »

Black Acid

burns through my flesh
burns through my soul
this black acid
will infest my insides... more »

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Madly In Love 31 Mar 2007 07:52
Rocco is a gifted poet, all of his poems make u feel the same way he is feeling, if u havent read his poems then ur missing out on some good stuff