Warren Atherton Biography

In some way throughout my life I suppose I have always doodled with writing mostly to escape the harsh reality of a rough upbringing.
My poetry reflects on all aspects of life, some based on personal experience whilst others reflect on the lives of people around me.
I really only started writing poetry four years ago when someone incarcerated asked me to write something to help them pass the time of day.
In total I have written but fifty-nine poems to date, fifteen for each of the four years one might say. I do have some particular favourites, especially my 'Sage' series which are all the imagination of a young girl who lies seriously ill in a coma. In order to keep her brain alive and active, she creates a land called Tillanho and her special someone to win over the evil that lurks there, hence the Sage!
Whether or not she remains in this critical condition now totally depends on the outcome of a great war that is looming in her land of Tillanho.