• 67

    God's number is seven,
    Satan's number is six.
    Satan is quite even,
    God does odd tricks.... more »

  • A Botched Evening Date

    What do I do for a living?
    I talk
    Talk, talk, talk and talk
    And write.... more »

  • A Hint Of Nostalgia

    A swig of ale for the good old boys,
    Who play non-stop with old men’s toys,
    Stay up all night not to read or write,
    But to woo the girls or scare up a fight.... more »

  • A Journey Into Nothingness

    Careening through the universe
    Upon my steed of rhyme and verse
    A wretched poet’s fated curse
    O such a state, there is non worse... more »

  • A Shy Wretch

    How is it
    That I am free
    When I am alone,... more »

  • A Sinking Feeling

    The ship rocks dangerously to its right,
    And you hold on to the rail with all your might.
    But you will slip and you will fall,
    Off the boat, into the water, into the night.... more »

  • A Weekend At The Beach

    A never-ending
    blue horizon
    meets my
    weary eye... more »

  • Abandoned

    I choose my words carefully
    To mock or praise, such drudgery,
    A labor for fools and prodigies
    And those who dare to willingly... more »

  • Alcohol

    Dark Lagger, Bacardi Rum,
    Grape Vodka, Corona yum.
    Red Red Wine, Jap Saki,
    San Miguel, Classy Heine.... more »

  • Am I

    Am I the sand beneath your feet that gives way to your presence?
    Am I the wind blowing through your hair that seizes your essence?

    Am I the water surrounding you that embraces your wholeness?... more »

  • And So I Write

    And so I write on my pages today
    A list of things that I might say
    Of lessons in life, love, change and dismay
    A couple of months and a few days away... more »

  • Any Place But Those I Know By Heart

    In the solitude of my heart
    I wonder how my body gets from point a to point b
    how, day after day, it survives the monotony
    The grind that is known as my life…... more »

  • As Fickle As They Come

    Notice how the superficial and beautiful get away with bleeding the hungry?
    It is they who want fine dresses made of silk dyed red by worker’s blood dripping from the wounds of their bone thin hands.
    Notice how the superficial and beautiful get away with skinning the innocent?
    It is they who want fine winter coats of skin from the soft hides of dead bodies of the most adorable animals from the wild.... more »

  • Bad Haircut

    Power emanating from his crowning glory,
    His mane of heavy brown locks covers his glorious broad shoulders.
    A proud and glorious sight to behold
    In a span of 2 hours, each lock has now fallen to the ground.... more »

  • Bees

    Vibrant orange sunflowers in summer’s daylight
    Provide sweet temptation for those weary of flight.
    The soft petals welcome tired legs & wings
    & the warm nectar in their center calmly sings.... more »

  • Binary

    Numbers on the counter
    In the gym,
    On the scale,
    On the box of cereal,... more »

  • Birthday Cake

    Creamy golden curls of sugar icing
    Filled every corner of sponge
    Outlining the chocolate brown base
    And the writing in the center.... more »

  • Blue Conversations

    Sitting on a pedestal I contemplate and wait
    For what seemed to be ten thousand years
    Ten thousand years of wrongful debate
    On what to do with these four chairs... more »

  • Breakfast

    I feast upon a vat of honey that was stolen from the hives of the Palawan Rain Forest.
    It was created by the labors of a hundred worker bees collecting nectar from flowers all across the unforgiving wilderness.... more »

  • Brown Sugar

    So, so long have I thought of this day,
    Upon which you’d grace me with your presence.
    On such an occasion I would not
    Be caught with nothing witty to say.... more »

  • Bureaucracy

    How long will you have to wait?
    I’ll tell you how long.
    About as long as
    the time between when the dentist tells you that you won’t feel a thing,... more »

  • Calling

    I called just now… just to say
    Just to say… what I have to say
    I hope you don’t think me rude
    For calling at this time, for being such a prude... more »

  • Change

    Slowly emerging from the deepest slumber,
    I have undergone an amazing transformation.
    Wings, of blue and gold with eyes of an owl.
    Stretched out from my cage, atop the conurbation.... more »

  • Cookies

    Soft fluffy cookies of different shapes and sizes
    Fun and Happy Samples full of big Surprises.

    Chocolate Chip Treats, Creamy and Chewy... more »

  • Courage

    Sitting, crouched and hunched over,
    On the floor,
    In a dark corner of her bathroom,
    She contemplated what had just happened.... more »