• Job Satisfaction

    This morning an old man was in the middle of the road
    Right in front of the bus stop to work
    With a huge pile of aluminum cans on his left
    And another huge pile of crushed cans on his right... more »

  • Let Me Check My Calendar

    A lover's date on Monday,
    (Friends want Monday this week,)

    Dinner w/ fam on Tuesday,... more »

  • Listen

    Vibrations travel from the air to your skin
    From your skin to your ear
    From your ear to your drum
    From your drum to your thoughts... more »

  • Loneliness

    Sitting down on the white sand I raise my coconut
    Slash off its top with my machete,
    And sip on the juice greedily.... more »

  • Losing Two Whole Days

    The beer just kept pouring in,
    I couldn’t stop it, it just did.
    It filled my belly, stank like gin,
    I couldn’t stop it, it just did.... more »

  • Melpomene

    She sat in a corner, away from the table
    And dreamed of conspiracies and fables
    Against her, all those spawned at her cradle
    Around her, a tense, emotional bubble... more »

  • Memory

    The old photos on the coffee table have gathered dust.
    There are no more parties for me to share them with.
    There are no more friends to browse through them.
    They are old, and the grow older, with each passing day...... more »

  • Mention

    She mentioned time was not on our side
    And by the rule of the clock she must abide
    She had spent too much time with me tonight
    and a few more moments, his wrath would incite... more »

  • Misunderstanding

    'May I take your hand and hold it in mine? '
    'As long as you never let go.'

    The words shattered his spine.... more »

  • Mom

    I saw you today on the curve of the road,
    Going to the place you go to everyday.
    You waived hello and bid farewell,
    “Just like the beattle song”, you used to say.... more »

  • Morning

    It was only a kiss.
    It was only a kiss
    I woke up to this morning.
    It was only a kiss.... more »

  • Necessity

    They say mankind is united by its intellect,
    Its ability to think and understand,
    Its capacity for emotion and empathy,... more »

  • Not Ready To Dance

    fickle fuddled mind bent on the curve
    drunken dizzied emotions a stir
    nervous and wrecked, wracked on the tabs,
    broke and broken, and bleeding from stabs.... more »

  • Ojos Infinitos

    I got lost in the infinity of her eyes.
    A vision one could never despise.
    She held me, and I held back.... more »

  • One

    Further into the forest i crept
    and sat alone, weary eyed, and wept
    At the cream yellow colored sun set
    That happened as the world soundly dreamt... more »

  • One Day Away From You

    Your silent stare fills me with wonder.
    What are you thinking?
    What are you feeling?
    I seek the answers in your eyes, in your grin, in your kiss.... more »

  • One Night

    An orchid in a sewer of a night
    Salvages the monotonous droning of the commonplace
    A vodka shot of omnipotent white
    A mischievous grin shot across the room to my face.... more »

  • Open Those Tear Stained Eyes

    A single ray of sunshine breaks through the clouds...
    illuminating the end of a long and winding road.
    It beckons the imagination to see beyond the horizon...
    and past the pitch black aftermath of one rainy episode.... more »

  • Oranges And Freshly Made Up Beds

    Orange peels on the bed to the left
    Zest on her fingers, in her hair, on my lips
    Juice dripping down my mouth, down my cleft
    Falling off my chin and splashing on her hips... more »

  • Paranoid

    I close my eyes
    And I see them
    All mocking me
    In their bright white barongs... more »

  • Parting Of Ways

    Don’t you dare tell me you didn’t feel it,
    The sparks from our first kiss,
    It lasted for a lifetime and ended too soon.... more »

  • Photograph

    in a photograph of old times and old faces,
    i found a feeling, familiar, like that of the handle
    of an old walking stick to the feeble hands of
    a man past his prime.... more »

  • Pink Flirtations

    She sat at the far end of the room, decked in pink
    Her eyes directed at the floor, her face locked in a contemplative smile
    And with a sudden, graceful twist of her head,
    Punctuated by the soft bounce in her hair as she swung around,... more »

  • Possibility

    How wonderful it is to be reminded constantly
    Of the possibility of you and the possibility of me

    The morning dew on the fresh cut grass outside... more »

  • Prayers For The Faithful

    The sun peeps through the blinds covering the window....
    Daylight comes with little to cheer.
    Warmth invades the room, as your body starts to glow...
    Your hands, your feet all so dear.... more »