• A Glimpse Of Resonance

    I looked upon a stilly sea
    a body of ethereal blue
    unfolded a cosmic ecstasy... more »

  • After Sleep

    and so I wake up
    after an extended sleep
    no coffee at home
    I gotta buy another heap... more »

  • And I Understand

    ... more »

  • Autumn's Mystery

    Colored leaves of Autumn's flair
    Swaying their way down in despair
    Northern wind, then, blows again
    Carries them with palms of air... more »

  • Before Sleep

    head on the pillow
    reading poems on the phone
    eyes are getting thin
    but my fingers moving on its own... more »

  • Before Sleep 2

    I'm writing for all the emptiness
    I hold inside
    I'm writing for the lost memory
    of my past life... more »

  • Black-Stained

    I see people in a flock
    A gathering for free minds
    Yet I still see the chains
    That binds them... more »

  • Caveboy

    In a tenebrous cave I used to dwell
    lost to the world and even more to myself
    but i was alone and content with my own peace
    carrying my burden away from the unknown... more »

  • Coffee 1

    In slumber we saw the veils lifted
    We saw the sun being twisted
    The darkness bleeds from within
    Dark drops make lines so thin... more »

  • Cracks In Space

    Cracks in space,
    fabrics of craquelure,
    an iridescent loom of wonder,
    mysteries, myths and lore.... more »

  • Darkroom

    Here in this darkened room
    Everything is a wonder
    No walls, no ground, no roof
    Just hands, a pen and a paper... more »

  • Dream

    So far, so alone, so tired
    I’m lying here, resting...
    So in vain and so useless
    Every time I try walking...... more »

  • During Sleep

    eyes closed
    the mind is free
    thoughts rejoice
    tranquility... more »

  • Future

    I see his figure, ghastly and appalling.
    erected tall and sharp like an obelisk.
    His face pallid, only hollow eyes distinguished
    As if they carry the center of gravity.... more »

  • Home

    If there was a place I could call home
    I wouldn’t try to reach your heart
    I always wandered, strayed like foam
    In the endless space – but never your heart... more »

  • House Of Glass

    in a dream I was there
    to be with you and for eternity
    silent and full of grace
    you were there reaching for me... more »

  • I Miss You

    As the flowers wither
    Waiting is all I have to do;
    Clinging to the memories
    Of you; voices animate... more »

  • If You Don'T...

    Just this one time
    Speak your heart
    Tell me who I am... more »

  • 'I'm Sorry'

    Cruel is the moon
    To have lit this night.
    Tears burned through my face.
    She couldn't stand the sight,... more »

  • Insight (1)

    ... more »

  • Insight (2)

    ... more »

  • Invisible

    I can't stop chanting about the emptiness inside
    It's like a broken record, a mantra of my pitiful life
    wind passes right through me never had to hide
    voices echo within me and nobody hears their cries... more »

  • Let The Night Whisper

    on a late cold hour
    when winter reigns the weather,
    when wind howls around buildings,
    whistles through the cracks... more »

  • Love In The Face Of Life

    I am lost in what we have
    or perhaps not so much
    I just can't seem to deny denial
    or have the courage to face the trials... more »

  • Man & World (2)

    Arrogant is Man
    Looking down on venerable wisdom
    Casting them
    Aside like worthless minions... more »