• 15 Minutes

    If I could have over just 15 Minutes
    Which 15 minutes would I want back?... more »

  • Another Day

    Another day
    It’s just another day
    The sun is shinning bright in the sky
    I wish I could relax in it... more »

  • Bullets Fly

    Bullets fly bang bang
    Bullets hurt when they hit you
    That’s what I was told
    Bullets fly and people die... more »

  • Chains On My Neck

    Chains On My Neck
    I’m black here I sit with chains on my neck
    I’m beside other black men with chains on their necks
    I’m waiting but while I wait my mind... more »

  • Deep


    How Deep is deep
    That depends on the deepness you want... more »

  • Don'T Die

    Don't Die

    Don't Die
    Don't Die... more »

  • Hair

    Why is my hair the way it is
    I want it to shimmer and shine... more »

  • Happy Trails

    Happy Trails

    I once heard a song
    Happy trails to you... more »

  • I Got A Email

    I got a email
    From no one special... more »

  • If Hearing Is Believing

    IF hearing is believing
    What part of “Leave me alone” don’t you understand... more »

  • Inspire Me

    Inspire MeInspire me
    Give me a cause to lift my head up
    Help me now that I am in the dumps
    Say those words that will uplift me... more »

  • Opporunity

    Opportunity came knocking... more »

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes the sun will set and darkness will come
    Sometimes my heart is heavy and my mind is numb... more »

  • Talk To Me

    Does it matter my color, my shape, my size
    Don’t we have feet can’t we walk and talk... more »