• Calling All Fanatics

    It's not difficult to live with
    deceit and delusion
    Want to believe and you will... more »

  • Gone

    She looked into his eyes, hurting
    Her lips still pursed, flirting

    She took a step forward, halted... more »

  • If Only

    What if nations
    what if people
    what if you and I... more »

  • Irreplaceable

    When night's veil slowly lifts
    And moonlight shines through the mist

    Deep in the stillness of Irissed pools... more »

  • Nowhere To Hide

    So it was just lies
    The need to go to war
    Intentionally created
    Secretly debated... more »

  • Songkhla

    (please click Biography above for
    two photos that go with the poem
    ......it takes a few seconds.....) :)... more »

  • Without Question

    As I grew up I was told
    That Jesus watches over me
    That freedom trumps equality
    That success is measured materially... more »