Born in Liverpool 48 years ago, I have always held a fascination for words - especially words that rhyme. I am a 'Dark Writer', preferring to write about all things of a Supernatural or dark nature.

Most of my early work, that I have posted on here, and that I wrote many years ago, is quite light. But, I have always preferred to write dark, forboding, terror-filled pieces. When I am not writing I am THINKING about writing.


Wayne Leon Learmond Poems

Depression (Like A Ten-Ton Truck)

Depression hits you
Like a ten-ton truck.

One minute you are down... more »

What Is Love?

What is Love?
someone once asked me.

Love can make you... more »

Invisible Love

God's whisper is the breeze
whispering into our ears:
'I am here.'... more »

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