Sup Jelly's! my name is Wendy and I'm really funny and random... I am creative and surely unique you could say. I am 14 years old i live in a real small town so yah i gots to entertain myself if you know what i mean... I love poetry, art, MUSIC! , candy, and alot of other stuffs lol... so hmmmm yeah i hope everyone likes my work because i think its good ohh rite! ! well i would love to get to know other poets so if you read this be sure to message me buds! I also have a myspace it is and if your also a memeber of myspace ADD Me or sumffin! ok so im gone bye seeyaaa totallY!


Wendy Gomez Poems

In A Perfect World

Imagine a world that was nothing but peace
A place so heavenly
Smiles laughs grins everywhere
Nothing could ever stop from letting me be... more »


People shouldn't kill, people shouldn't fight
It wont change a thing because it's not right
No guns or knives
No ending lives... more »

Obsessed With Something Beautiful

I finally found you!
The largest star in space
I am your's until the end
Tender lips, a beautiful face... more »

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