• Beloved Murder

    I walk slowly so very calm and passive into the night sky and darkness falls heavily on me with a cold shiver
    I reach for a lighter and light myself a cigarette and lay it on my dry pale lips
    I take about 2 minutes and finish that tobacco fast and I step on it to put it out
    Now I look up and see the bloody moon and those punctured stars in the sky... more »

  • Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart

    I'm burning in the pain you've caused

    Breathing away my last breaths... more »

  • Cure

    I need a cure from feeling
    Like a solid mind with no opinions or options.
    Something that's just there with no significance
    I want to be alright with this... more »

  • Dear, Tragedy's

    Beloved friend in bones you rest
    To dream the dream to be reborn
    Waiting once again to die the first day you lived
    Repeating to be ripped and torn... more »

  • Every Shadow

    I talk like someone was there to hear
    Sorrow's the only thing by my side
    I wish I knew someone so dear
    If only you cared I would rid of my lonesome self and glide... more »

  • Fishing


    I never catch anything!... more »

  • Grounds Of Reality

    Laughing just laughing at me
    I am no clown I am no joke
    So stop your muse and I hope you see
    Life without me.....is a heart attack even a stroke... more »

  • He Chose The Rose

    Remember the past
    That made you cry
    Remember fast
    Flashbacks that made you die... more »

  • Hello Sun

    Hello sun with your vibrant rays that pierce the earth with light
    That awaken my senses to roam around earth finding my puzzle
    Fiting it into little by little pieces at a time
    Squandering, pondering, where it will take me... more »

  • Here In My Grave

    Here I lay in this empty lonely grave
    sad, cold, and forgotten
    I wonder how I got here and why I can't get out
    My mind is fully awake and wondering what is going on... more »

  • I Am Your Worst Nightmare

    I'm awake
    I feel
    I touche
    I breathe... more »

  • I Could Become The Last Thing You'Ll Remember.

    I'd make you a vudu doll
    Hand made
    Since you need one to stop this whole victim roll
    I'd twist you, break you, tare you until you fade.... more »

  • I Tremble

    I Tremble

    At the thought of myself & life... more »

  • If I Break A Bone Or Two

    If I Break A Bone Or Two

    If I break a bone or two... more »

  • If My Heart Was A Muscle It Would Be The Weakest

    Yeah I know you still feel something for me greater than friendship
    I also found out that you seriously take advantage of my love and care for you
    And let me tell you something my heart broken is like pens and needles but I rather get stabbed a million more times just to feel what I felt before you broke it
    When I talk to you on my phone I even feel you're smile through the cell line... more »

  • In A Perfect World

    Imagine a world that was nothing but peace
    A place so heavenly
    Smiles laughs grins everywhere
    Nothing could ever stop from letting me be... more »

  • I'N Darkness I Shall Rid Of This!

    I can see the dead
    bones rotting dead trotting
    I'ts qute a scene
    I see twice the ghosts on halloween... more »

  • In These Walls

    In these walls
    I keep my secrets and passions hidden
    To never be discovered
    The pain of the past is locked inside these four corners... more »

  • It's Been Ridiculous Love

    . I need greater understanding...

    I'm not over you..... more »

  • Let The Past Bleed To Only Hurt In The Future

    I remember how hard we used to laugh until we fell to the ground turning red
    We we're the best of friends almost like sisters enough said.....
    Partner's in crime
    The happiest of time... more »

  • Let There Be Light!

    It should just make you wan´t to die from looking at my bleeding wrists
    Can you see my pain? Can you feel it?
    Nobody should
    Not everyone get´s what they diserve right?... more »

  • Looks Like I Picked Up The Pieces After All.....

    My heart is beating & you can hear it
    You do nothing, not a bit
    It's healthy, it's alive it's for you
    If you leave it will stop, it will freeze & turn blue... more »

  • Love You Like A Cold Sore..

    Your love is like a bitter cold
    Hits by surprise and leaves the same way
    It's energy draining, It's somewhat annoying
    It becomes more of a gloomy day... more »

  • Misplaced Emotions

    To burn in water and drown in the flames
    I am to cought up with misery and hate
    I've been used and misplaced
    Life is hell, death is just... more »

  • Music

    The beat of the bass
    Is one trip I cannot trace
    It's a galaxy of sound
    It's what makes the world go round... more »