• Answers

    Underneath the paint of our exteriors
    Under the brows of sweat-stained days
    Under all of these
    Lies the people we are... more »

  • Bird In The Rain

    Misty rain sweet cool
    Fluttering from sky grey
    On a window pane
    I saw a bird high above... more »

  • Child

    Teddy bear laughter soft squealing joy
    In the heart of a child we find so much love
    No hurt for those we despise they share
    Unprovoked love and courtship of the superior kind... more »

  • City Of Gold

    Our city of wild cats and ribcage strays
    Towering shells of neglected humanity
    The darkness stinging smells of decay
    Sirens sounding wildly scary about... more »

  • Cycles

    Like tumbleweed in the wind
    Dust of those long gone
    Forged in the light bright white
    Of my soul lies the answers... more »

  • Darfur Anger

    Shimmering plains of sand under horse hoof
    Thundering up clattering until screaming cold
    Bespeckled colours made to inflame fear
    Death steel shimmers with old wood glint... more »

  • Essence Of Man

    Under stars underneath clear skies
    Rhythmic pulsating sugary beat
    Existence reflects in pure bliss
    Humanity in a momentary pause of life... more »

  • Looking For My Horse

    Just the other day I lost my horse
    I lost my horse, I lost it somewhere
    Not here for sure or I would find it
    My horse is hungry my horse must drink... more »

  • The Shores Of Alexandria

    Seated on cold hard wood
    Sitting there on the beach
    As the waves of the Med rolled in
    Rolled in under a cold breeze... more »