WD Wesongah David 5th september 1985

Referred to as The People's Poet, Wesongah, Eastlandah David was born in kenya.A poet since a tender age, he came of age exploring Shakespeare and loving Langston Hughes. he says of Hughes ' I always admired the morality of his poems'.

He was greatly influenced by the classic poets, but has some fond spot for the present too. He says of Maya Angelou, ' If there is a poet I would love to meet, and tell I have risen, is Maya. she is one poet who has made me. Most people will tell me she is a feminist, she is writing for the likes of Vagina monologues, but I tell them in poetry, it is never written for self extraction only, it is written for any heart, soul, or mind that can put the message into perspective.'

David admits to being a strong admirer of Malcolm X, and quotes 'By any means necessary' one of the most meaningful struggle sentiments of all time.

Wesongah says quit college at Daystar university due to a difference of opinion with what the system was pushing for as education material. He joined the Nation media group and later founded Eastlandah- the company.

At one time chronicled as the future of Kenyan journalism, wesongah pioneered urban youth 'revo-journalism' first as a freelance for media houses as SABC before finally taking his place at the then Radio Simba-kenya. He says it is at this time that the youth flooded the media in Kenya and he set about creating a new thumb-mark of journalism- giving an ear to the story, before putting it into perspective. He says of his brand...' I have always seen people make news, but rarely are they given a chance to be part of the news in delivery, to be the news they make. I want to let them tell the story.'And that is exactly what he did as a reporter.

Wesonga Won The 2008 Adeste prize, a recognition of the justice his works of art do to the advancement of a positive society, and countly dedicated the award to the streets.

At present concentrating on his first novel, a collection of poems and his autobiography, titled 'familiar territory, unfamiliar terrain, Wesongah is a self confessed hopeless Romantic-and sees himself sort of a star-crossed lover and thus is justified single.

We can still expect more 'revolutionariness' from the voice of the people, the echo of the streets-Wesongah David.

(Bio done and edited by jamie)
complementary bio at: http: //www.redroom.com/member/eastlandah



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