• A Roofslate

    Close the blinds,
    don’t let it be morning
    light indisputable
    tearing you to today... more »

  • Bad Poets

    And I’m writing.
    And it isn’t going well.
    As I’m sure you know.
    And I’m listening to a genius’ symphony,... more »

  • Crop Rotations

    There was never anything before Spring
    Eruptive life swallowing a barren continent.
    A broken silence, a sudden shattering breath... more »

  • Detritus

    When you left you took my sheets with you.
    You took the spice wheel, my Chinese takeout place, most of the better friends
    and, with any luck, two or three biting remarks cast at an already closed door.
    Leaving refugee picture frames cradling smiles of illegitimate children.... more »

  • Easy Now

    Love in the early afternoon
    Lazy and gentle intimacy
    as clear light trickles through cotton curtains.
    Quiet and slow laughter of bodies with bodies.... more »

  • Fireflies

    I watch the fireflies
    Constantly refreshing constellations
    Tracing the slow paths they follow
    Combing the air for affection... more »

  • Fireworks

    When I die it is my wish
    That my remainder be packed
    Into fireworks and released
    Screaming into the night sky... more »

  • For Anna

    Your first love, fueled by educated innocence,
    Burst new into ionized air consuming all:
    Awaited discovery sprinted past blurred doubts, pulled
    Straggler hands gasping in tow. Imagine my surprise.... more »

  • For C

    When I look at you I have to laugh
    It just all seems so ridiculous
    So unplausable that we’re here
    It’s that glowing impossibility... more »

  • Heartland

    My American heritage is umbilical chords
    running along the telephone lines to every unfilled town.
    It’s a chronic severance, a phantom yearning for unity last held
    when her great rambling body was carved for fifty clean portions... more »

  • Honestly

    I’m not sure how long I’ll love you,
    Probably not long if I had to guess
    I didn’t love you when first I saw you
    But, I don’t hold that against you... more »

  • In Memory Of January 23,1998

    Edward J. Mischke IV died on a Friday morning
    He had thirty two birthdays to 12 parties, a telling ratio
    Edward never lived in another home except his parents’ on Hemlock Hill.
    But on the day that Edward died his neighborhood... more »

  • Inches Of Mercury

    The daylillies came in first, anxious
    for ions. Then Anna’s sun freckles
    on the back porch for an electric matinee.
    Darkening hands cradle the almost April rain... more »

  • Inheritance

    I have nothing new to say to you,
    For what humanity is there left
    That hasn’t been pinned down and preserved
    Like a beautiful and delicate insect... more »

  • Isaiah 26: 19

    Awake and sing!
    Sing you assembly of unsuspecting prophets
    For air is liberation
    And the night is not so long... more »

  • Jellybeans

    i have spilled my jellybeans

    small hands slipped
    jar rushing meets... more »

  • Keepsakes

    Without you here I cannot have you.
    Minds replace absence with memories,
    inconstant images reeling on a sepia screen.
    And as remembrances fade... more »

  • Latin American

    Her fingertips felt like topographical maps of the Andes
    pulling slowly through hair suspended in water.
    My roots were in Peru and my soul was in my skin.
    I needed to know how she breathed among the clouds.... more »

  • Life Through Binoculars

    Up in the highlands with the God clouds
    I ask them to tell me my name as they pass by
    as silent as love slipping from familiar lips.
    These leviathans of insubstance could humble away the world of men... more »

  • Michael And Mary

    It was true, he owned a couple of pairs of handcuffs.
    and she had a full length mirror at a precocious angle in her bedroom.
    His mother thought his oral fixation phase was the problem from something she read.
    She laughed at her gynecologist’s questions.... more »

  • Mother's Day

    They say that an infant’s entire connection to the world lies through their mother.
    My reality, my universe
    We outgrow that soon enough though.
    But perhaps the lasting effects of this bond... more »

  • Ode To An Ineffable Affection

    Your things aren’t in the medicine cabinet anymore
    Leaving for real this time
    Doesn’t matter if I believe you
    My silence washing you like an ice bath in public... more »

  • Ongoing Epitaphs

    You are going to die
    I know it’s impolite to talk about but
    you are going to die... more »

  • Peacefully

    What is that feeling?
    Only found in the shade
    Of a good climbing tree
    With that breeze blowing in... more »

  • Periodical

    If you would believe anything
    Believe in declining realities
    Living in snatches and glimpses
    nothing is not held like water... more »