• A Butterfly's Death

    Lying low, as you crawl on the ground
    In fruitless attempt to escape all strife.
    You pray you won’t be found
    In the search for your meaning in life.... more »

  • Scouts Of The Devil

    The tethers of life
    Tie you down.
    All of your strife
    Is making you frown.... more »

  • The Imp's Games

    The dark imp’s will
    Covers everything in shadow,
    Giving it the thrill
    Of turning hearts hallow.... more »

  • The Loneliness

    I am the loneliness
    You brought upon yourself,
    Result of fearfulness
    And closeness with myself.... more »

  • The Price Of Death

    On the brink of death,
    You draw your last breath.
    As your life wanes,
    You can feel the pain.... more »

  • You Are Not Fine

    To me your life
    Means more than mine.
    Drop the knife.
    Quit saying you’re fine.... more »