Wieslaw Musialowski 1948

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Come bless my brittle dreams, oh Lord, and let them all Take on the form of your consent, so that I may Perceive my own reflection in the glassy wall Wieslaw Musialowski (1948-) , Polish poet. 'Crystal Walls.'
request, mirror, reflection, truth
So much do I demand - perhaps it is a sin, But I am only dreaming of the boundless will And hope that I shall muster needed strength therein, If you but let me, Lord, to go on dreaming still Of such a chamber glazed with glass and polished clean, Whence I can see each one and be by each one seen. Wieslaw Musialowski (1948-) , Polish poet. 'Crystal Walls.'
truth, reflection, mirror
Little princess, a homonymy of frost, That put you up upon a fairy windowpane, Sleep well, now breath is gone, it is the end; Wieslaw Musialowski (1948-) , Polish poet. 'Princess.'
princess, fable, death

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