• 6943

    (On seeing Umberto Boccioni's 1911 painting 'States of Mind-The Farewells')

    Couples kiss in khaki shadows,
    cascading into carriages' cavernous mouths.... more »

  • Butterfly Child

    hormonal soup
    pulsing, congealing;
    chrysalis carapace
    throbbing, cracking; ... more »

  • Contrasts In Snowfall

    Montreal chic

    sixpoint star nestling
    in long red hair at bus stop:... more »

  • Damn The Fence!

    My spirit paces like a captive bear,
    set limits by a fence of tempered steel,
    that with its shadows marks its deadening seal
    on concrete ground that passes for my lair.... more »

  • Dinas Dinlle

    The tide comes higher, smoothing out the shore.
    It crumbles shell-capped fortresses with ease;
    the past day's footprints, scrawled obscenities
    and lovers' names are lost for evermore.... more »

  • Domesticated Appliance

    The fridge sits purring happily
    in the corner of my kitchen,
    well-behaved, domesticated,
    house-trained even.... more »

  • Edward Bear Addresses The New Toys On Christmas Night

    This is the best advice you're going to get.
    I hope you have a long and happy stay.
    Just hug above the waist: that nappy's wet.... more »

  • Elevenses In Paris

    My lips for now must be content to taste
    the fresh squeezed lemon juice you recommend.
    They will meet yours again quite soon, but now
    you sketch; I watch the world and take a sip.... more »

  • Emrys,1951

    Three photos in an black-paper album:
    the schoolboy (sharp) in the family group,
    the youth (blurred) playing tennis,
    the student (faded) on the bridge;... more »

  • Fenchurch Street

    Prisoner and escort
    glide into the rooftop station,
    as train wheels screech
    with sympathy against the check-rails.... more »

  • From A Painting By Hans Holbein: Portrait Of Anna Meyer (C.1526)

    What have they done to you, Anna Meyer?

    Dispirited eyes focus on the floor.
    Cloth carapace binds your torso... more »

  • Give & Take

    You had everything: the looks,
    the brains, the personality,
    and dared to say I completed you,
    filled the space you had inside.... more »

  • God Is A Verb

    God is a verb, not a noun:
    'I am who I am,
    I will be who I will be.'... more »

  • Good Dog, Bad Dog

    Why is it when I'm doing what dogs do,
    what dogs are designed to do,
    then I'm a Bad Dog?... more »

  • Green

    Into the warm, inviting yellow
    twists a brush loaded with blue.
    Surprised, suspicious,
    the shades swirl round each other,... more »

  • Harwich For The Continent...

    Like a gaggle of bag-ladies,
    slow yellow-grey rainclouds
    stagger inland and,
    as if they can'tholditanylonger,... more »

  • Honey Bob And The Whale

    The battery-powered pump wheezes life
    into the black and white plastic carcass
    and the killer whale takes shape, but slowly,
    giving me time to look around, particularly... more »

  • How To End A Dinner Party

    Give your hamster an Alka-Seltzer to pouch
    and convince everyone he's got rabies.

    Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom,... more »

  • Hue & Cry

    Prussian, powder, ultramarine,
    cerulean and idanthrene,
    manganese, monestial,
    turquoise, navy, duck egg, royal,... more »

  • Imago


    a Red Admiral without a fleet,
    a Painted Lady out of lippy,... more »

  • In The Dim Sum Restaurant

    How dim are the dim sum?

    Are they just dim at sums
    so those who fail their maths exam... more »

  • Jane,1873

    He must have been nervous waiting at the church.
    She'd got through two husbands already:
    the first stabbed himself with his pitchfork,
    a careless yet difficult achievement;... more »

  • Jephtha's Daughter

    A father gives up his only child to die,
    the son of a whore seals his daughter's virginity.
    She dies intact, burnt as an offering
    to the one in whose image she is made.... more »

  • King's Cross

    After all these years
    will I recognise you now?
    You burst through the crowd,
    this stranger, my flesh and blood,... more »

  • Lilla,1905

    The census: successful Southport spinster,
    nursing sister, touching 40.
    The inheritance: left by your aunt
    let down by her lover,... more »