• A Poets Request

    When o’er me you lay the blanket,
    Of this earths protecting sod;
    And you set me down forever
    With my soul called back to God.... more »

  • Dance With The Sand Hill Cranes

    I spent today in a hidden meadow,
    With wildflowers up to my knees;
    And butterflies that swooped and dived,
    And all around me, trees.... more »

  • Hoofbeats

    Sometimes I find myself alookin’
    Through the years, a backward glance,
    And I see the friends of childhood
    From the years now gone before.... more »

  • House Of Clay

    When dips my oar the Silent River
    That Eternity and Time divide,
    This house of clay I’ll leave forever
    A new one waits, just o’er the tide.... more »

  • New York

    New York, I walked your streets today,
    I meshed with your moving crowd,
    I felt in awe at the relentless motion,
    I saw your people, purposeful, proud.... more »

  • Rhinestone Cowboy

    With a cowboyish grin an’ a lift of my chin,
    I reach for my new lariat:
    I’ll head down the path, ti’ ketch thet new calf,
    Afore thet old sun’s gonna set.... more »

  • The Ones I Never Wrote

    Oft times when I abed do lie
    And feign would be asleep,
    There arise profoundest thoughts
    From out the far and deep.... more »

  • The Price Of Peace

    What price is Peace?
    I asked a troubled world,
    Casting a wistful eye.
    The world, uneasy with... more »

  • The Wild Horses Of Bear Canyon

    We followed their prints down the sandstone rim,
    Down to the green, green grass;
    Over rocky trails where the spoor grew dim,
    To the bottom of the canyon pass.... more »