• The Beast

    The beast by no better name called love

    I'm so much alone
    I've got no one to call my own... more »

  • The Bırds Wıll Always Be Sıngıng

    The thought of not seeing you is agonizing
    Like a fool, I am now babbling
    You are all that I am seeing
    You are the life that flows through me, my very being... more »

  • The Blatant Double Entendre

    The Blatant Double Entendre

    'Witter The Side That Feeds The Mind'... more »

  • The Elaborate Hoax

    The Elaborate Hoax

    Written by Wilfred Mellers, Saturday, February 12,2011, @ 12: 05 PM... more »

  • The Elegant Fruit

    Paradise lies between her thighs.
    No need to question why
    Her love I got to try before I die
    Spread like the river Nile... more »

  • The Evocation

    Old fool who I knew so well
    Damn your soul now straight to hell
    Soiled are your hands from the blood you've spilled
    Sacrificed your soul for the innocents you've killed... more »

  • The Flower By Any Other Name

    Standing with my back to the wall
    Surely no one on me will call
    Came and angel with sweet vocalizations
    Sparked such satisfying conversations... more »

  • The Friend Enemy

    The Friend Enemy
    Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Thursday, November 11,2010, @ 8: 10 PM

    How quickly they forget on those whom they once fret... more »

  • The Girl That I Loved

    The Girl That I Loved
    Written by: Wilfred Mellers,3 September 2015... more »

  • The Journey

    The Journey

    Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Tuesday, November 9,2010, @ 6: 31 PM... more »

  • The Milk Is Spoiled

    The Milk Is Spoiled
    Parody of Royals
    Wilfred Charles Mellers
    Today at 10: 22 AM, Monday, July 14,2014... more »

  • The Mix

    Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate hot
    These flavors I crave a lot
    Peaches, pecans, pralines so sweet
    Cookie dough, mint I like to eat... more »

  • The Night

    The Night
    Written by: Wilfred Mellers
    July 14,2015... more »

  • The Right Size

    The Right Size Girl
    Written by: Wilfred Charles Mellers
    Friday, November 28,2013... more »

  • The Stones That The Builder Refused

    Mother Africa lost her children to the sea
    Scattered abroad and sold into slavery
    Bound, shackled, and twice chained
    Sins of the father have surely remained... more »

  • The Struggle

    The Struggle
    Written by: Wilfred Charles Mellers
    Saturday, November 16,2013... more »

  • 'The Surprise'

    Great was the fire destroying everything
    Smoke engulf reality yet seeing nothing
    Blinded by words deceiving
    The Jester entertained sentiments believing... more »

  • The Tears I Cry

    The Tears I Cry
    Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Wednesday, October 14,2015

    Many a mistake leads me right here I fear... more »

  • The Text Message

    The Text Message
    Written By: Wilfred Charles Mellers
    Date?... more »

  • The Truth Is Not Blind

    The Truth Is Not Blind
    Written by: Wilfred Mellers
    Wednesday, July 30,2014... more »

  • The Universe

    The Universe
    Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Sunday, February 3,2013

    Break down the barriers that enslave your mind... more »

  • Their Lights Has Gone Out

    Their Lights Has Gone Out
    Written by: Wilfred Mellers
    Wednesday, July 23,2014... more »

  • There Was A Woman Once

    There Was A Woman Once
    Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Sunday, October 9,2016

    I adored the way she walked... more »

  • They Have To Runaway

    They Have To Runaway
    Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Monday, January 25,2016

    The truth is the truth you cannot dispute... more »

  • Things I Can't Admit

    Things I Can't Admit
    Written by: Wilfred Mellers,28 May 2015... more »