• My Heart Belongs To You

    My Heart Belongs to You
    Written by: Wilfred Charles Mellers, Wednesday, August 26,2009, @ 6: 10 PM, Number 100

    I am as a child clinging to their mother... more »

  • My Interest

    I can't express how you've peaked my interest
    The true beauty that you possess
    You are a goddess and an empress
    My life has just begun my sweetness... more »

  • My Life My Spring

    I smile from ear to ear my dear spring
    You make me want to write naughty things
    I better behave but I feel I must for you are now my passion
    Seldom felt such feelings of rapture. In your arms, I belong for now and ever after... more »

  • My Little Princess

    My Little Princess
    Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Thursday, January 6,2011, @ 11: 33 AM

    I just don't know her anymore... more »

  • My Love Is

    My Love Is

    Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Saturday, September 24,2011, @ 1: 19 PM... more »

  • My Maiden In Waiting

    From hither came a sound roaring in temperate pastures
    To keep at bay soldiers ponder not for shall we wake the beast
    Beating back impulses the monster as risen from the lair
    Swooping down on the innocent villagers he flew... more »

  • My Melancholy Lamentation

    You are like the wind
    To hold, you would be impossible
    You are like the sun
    For your love, I'd stop a bullet from a gun... more »

  • My Mother's Day

    My Mother's Day

    (To Doris C. Mellers)... more »

  • My Niki Hinds

    My Niki Hinds

    Written by Wilfred Mellers, Friday, August 6,2010, @ 2: 24 PM... more »

  • My Sexy Valentine "If I Wrote Something Naughty For Valentine Would You Mind? "

    My Sexy Valentine
    "If I wrote something naughty for Valentine would you mind? "
    Written by: Wilfred Charles Mellers
    Thursday, February 13,2014... more »

  • My Soul Mate

    My Soul Mate
    Written by: Wilfred Charles Mellers, Saturday, November 19,2011, @ 1: 31 PM

    My distress overwhelms me... more »

  • My Swan Song

    A vision of perfection, I must stare
    Your arms, legs, your body, and your hair
    With you, I can find happiness
    You are the one I want to caress... more »

  • My Sweet Desire Is

    I am the fish and you my beauty the fisherman's lure
    You, my debutante, lifted me to heights unreachable before
    You are the captain of my ship and I your chief steward amour
    Surround by love safe, solid, and secure... more »

  • My Thailand

    Thailand keeps me smiling
    There the sun is always shining
    Beautiful and so wonderful
    Mystical and magical... more »

  • My Twenty-Four Plus One More

    How I love twenty-five
    From her hips to her lips
    How I worship twenty-five
    From her nose to her dainty toes... more »

  • My Valentine

    My Valentine

    Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Sunday, February 13,2011, @ 5: 59 PM... more »

  • My Vow To You

    My heart takes flight every time you are near

    My world becomes calm, still, and crystal clear... more »

  • My Woman

    My Woman "A wild ride of the mind Soliloquy"

    To see you live in stereo would be like dying and going to heaven
    Only you can make me happy... more »

  • My Woman Part 2

    My woman in the morning brings me joy
    In the winter she brings me springtime
    In the darkness, she is my illumination
    The morning sunshine she is... more »

  • My Word To Somrit

    My Word To Somrit

    (Adventures In Pattaya, Thailand)... more »

  • My World Complete

    She is the sun
    She is my heaven
    She is the moon
    She is a cup of tea at noon... more »

  • Needed Rest

    Needed Rest

    Written by: Wilfred Mellers, October 9,2013... more »

  • Never Been

    I have never been to Ireland but one day I will. This is how I picture it in my minds eye.

    I love the green fields, the wondering hillsides, and the great grass meadows to the vast shorelines of Ireland.
    It is one of nature's greatest wonders.... more »

  • New Year's Eve

    New Year's Eve
    Written by: Wilfred Mellers, January 1,2016... more »

  • Nightmare's Nightmare

    Nightmare's Nightmare
    Written by: Wilfred Charles Mellers
    Wednesday, December 11,2013... more »