Wilfred Owen Comments (124)

Lovely poet of beautiful heart....
You: hey birb, you want som seed? Birb: YOSH You: WOOPS (Drops seed in bin) Birb: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Honestly, what a beautiful poem. I've got tears in my eyes when I first saw it. I'm black, so these poems really speak to me. My people have been oppressed for way too long, and Wilfred Owen shows that our struggle has led to a better future. Every night, as I smoke a dank wierie, I read this poem. Absolutely wonderful.
i cant wait to drop the soap
people can be really disrespectful, wow man
There really are some sick minds in this world and it seems most of them are leaving comments here.
be respectful for the war
Pubg is for losers that are gay and sickness
Play Up Play Up, is a great Pro War poem pro war poem, completely playing down any negatives.
I pick up and run over disabled people