• Cancer Treatment '98

    i got a visit from home and they asked how life has went and i replied
    a smirk on their face the young boy ran away and cried
    i was talking of a girl who stood on all fours and had yellow eyes
    i told her of my dreams in the closest disease ive been through in past years... more »

  • Dead To The World The Knowledge Is A Thread '84

    pull on my shirt
    make me naked
    the thread was leaking into your hand
    but i resolved myself... more »

  • Grail Inside The Relished Angles '98

    well he looked around for a mirror
    his expo told of a bleeding trolly
    the cuts inside quotes succeed
    in calling out a name to the frownen mans head... more »

  • Growing To Obluesque '96

    real tin deers pinch greusome town defects
    yellow corridoors with picket signs waving
    we are the killers who resign with technique
    broomstick handles other ditch reflections... more »

  • Guiding Smothers Grate The Feathers Of My Wing '69

    fever the waiting whale ocean capsule tainted help
    swallow one and wait for drops of pain to wheel the mess
    yards until sheep could be shaved
    taking away the foreign shelter of their zilch... more »

  • Helms For The Extra Gulsadrag '89

    for light is nearly modest i dont glow
    for selflessness and emptyness i show none
    of this parralel
    this is a parralel inside my mind... more »

  • I Cant Breathe Anymore '88

    i was sitting with a drink in my hand
    i was looking for something to eat
    my head began to hurt and my nose tried to bleed
    my neck fell back and the blood started seeping to my brain... more »

  • Insured '90

    i got a plan to live my life
    and pay for it
    for in case it goes off-track
    please help me distraction... more »

  • Look What Happened To Me '68

    i walked down the street asked for a direction
    the man pulled a gun out and took me straight to where im from
    torn up i called my old friend
    we went out to look for my wallets man... more »

  • My Lesson Learned 'No Date'

    as we fight to climb all the railroad signs
    a beckoning reminder comes to join our favor
    and relive the thing that i most preciously hold in for sacred skin
    in the meantime i dont care... more »

  • No Title '65

    i was born im told in the year after a war i cant see
    my mom and dad seemed scared for me
    but they've passed away with tugs of felting time
    i miss them both but my sorrow isnt too heavy... more »

  • Sometimes. '89

    every once in a while i greet a telephone
    and when i eat the voice i swallow it wrong
    by the time i think the tension follows things
    telling of a tour in the well shaped story... more »

  • Sudential Plastic Repellent '94

    of one and wonder
    of time and departure
    in themes of sallows eyes
    a drift of sweat came along as the dew spoiled a flower... more »

  • The Girl '98

    she stole my dreams and laughed at me
    well it wasnt directly i learned
    it was for me the total forgery
    it kept my existence... more »

  • The Last Telling Of This Truth

    i called myself on a telephone
    wrote a billion pages then through em away
    took the time to talk about it with my little lies
    i cried for an ocean with endless living... more »

  • The Letters F E A T '90

    exert existence everyday
    each execution eligible eduse the edge
    effort from ego-trips, elevate
    eel tearing tornados effluvium tracheas... more »

  • The Night Of Silver Sad Locks '97

    hopeless intertwine of relay walks an interface of evermore
    silly lions they feel obscure holding down the weak and poor
    sinking itself into me more as it becomes part of him
    till he throws it up in the day, when night comes he stays away... more »

  • Wresting The Antlers On The Wall '98

    train station, its got a few explanations to show
    the finger splinters pushin out of the depot
    knuckles bare and truffles from shoveling the snow
    i hope it starts solving on its own... more »